First blog post

Connections in worldly events…

Re: Extreme Heat Records

Sleep records its extremities, deepening its draw to instincts of its flesh, while remaining the Pharisee.. divine insight, while shrouding the keys to enlightenment..

Elementals injected with these extremes, energies, sorcery.. Standfast, my souls, as empowerment waves break ashore.. polarities, calamities, consuming with physical fear and destruction..

These are dreams for sleeping..not for awake. Doesn’t sky and space remain, though they be filled with contaminations, emanations..


Planets, stars, suns laugh at such wars of men.. as the dust settles, just as innumerable eons before, consciousness remains.. wondering when the sleepers may awaken to what always is…

The sovereign suggest infinite, while the zombies sleep to their Lords..


Whip marks occur, as lessons are served, up to loved ones outside of the One that doesn’t deserve any of the suffering that comes from the marks made to bare the cross upon the Ones that scar the flesh and flames that won’t go out, until first, aid, then treatment…of the patient One.  Life-changing waves have been placed into the universe, that alters physicalities, moves mountains, alters realities and futures, without anyone knowing it… to loved ones whom paths have now been altered, and changed forever, whether loved ones come to understand it, or knot.

Oblivious to the plight of another, or forgetting to arrive on the scene of One cast out, discards the empaths’ need to exist, or work within such a structure that does not recognize, or care for its existence, or works.  Observer weighs in, to offer a tissue paper that dries eyes but stops the flow that’s causing hurt to it’s carrier.  Feelings no longer grow, where Spirit is refrained from fully expressing its Self, and left waiting in the aisle, until its due-date had long passed…left standing alone, and wondering why people keep containing, putting a lid or label on, or bullying a Spark that never goes out.

Minding its own, and owning it’s works, Spark expresses and leaves impressions, and loving intentions.  Abstaining from harm to others, self-gratification, and gutter thinking, seems to bring out the masculinity in others that many clearly evidence, but never possess centered…

The rest in us will continually be tested, from perspectives in others that have no current vision, of nurturing Ones amongst them, that souly desire, to support loved and friendly ones, who allow Ones to keep playing and wondering, rather than stifling their playground… wonder of a child… is matured, stopped, given up, lost, enhanced, or forgotten.  But some of us never came in after curfew…nor have forgotten, what it is to remain in the heart of a child 🙏



Sending Intentions

As time is perceived, long gaps have occurred since minds were full of a Loved one that now cries out from afflictions to Ones that have lapsed their hearts, minds, of their awareness, busy about their lives nurturing other loved ones and making strides towards daily tasks, goals, and endeavors, when a cry out from the past reminds us what slipped out of our heart…with all the busy-bee-ing and running around.   

Dearest ones, out of sight and mind, turn into passing thought waves from inside-out, to holidays and get-togethers, that slow down the pace, to make space, in hearts and minds that are filled with business and priorities, and who we make time to stop for…to love…fill our hearts…and help bring blissful stabilization to emotional rollercoasters that we ride throughout life.  And come to a complete stop, before we unbuckle and remove ourSelves from outside tracks that rail us away from Loved ones… that hurt, suffer, and weaken their structures… bodies that aren’t what they used to be, and tolls that make it’s frailty into a patient’s suffering.

But true Love always comes through… matters, such as distance and disconnect, are tables easily turned over by Lovers…  Empathy, consideration, and feelings steer the driver to the destination you really never left in the first place…home, is the heart…when and where we embrace the deepest spaces in us, and warm those who raise our hearts in-return, when see them, or think of them, and keep them.

Returns, reminders, and life’s unwinders bring the heart back to a steady beat, that’s deeper, from now-on, and true to its recipients, that You have enough Love to flow through all of them… close, far, in daily routines, or out of the blue… Nurturing is endlessly given, but never runs out, from a Love poured out onto another loved one.

Blessings and prayers of peace and love go out, friends sending your way to swell inner strength, stamina, and convictions… that support you, your heart, body and soul, to carry the load you now bare out for Loved ones that no longer miss you, but embrace your Love, and carry your hearts’ desires out to be with them…while the rest of us hold your heart where it may never leave, or be missed…inside us, until your return.

Little ones, with small conceptions of larger perceptions…love, and hearts do not leave where comforted, held, and snuggled up. Only their bodies come and go, as feelings may not be contained in people, places, or things.  Once the heart is captured, the absence of its giver does not skip a beat, only its receivers degree of faith in your hearts embrace when its carrier isn’t there in-person, to speak the evidence left behind, of a love always open to memorialize and bring two hearts together, when bodies can’t be.  Receivers forget that they were given love forevermore, with strings left attached to always send more when needed. And Givers leave pieces of their heart all-around, always seeking fullfillment and content from a bottomless source of warmness that hearts give out, to loved ones.






Rainy daze

Rain pours down on snow capped mountains and valleys below elevations that freeze what lands above them, to nurture growth below such heights of mass stature that cuddle, and help beings survive the extreme elements weathered into previous tranquil scenes to change scenarios in All who listen to sense what flows through the current climate.  Working below the scenes, to enhance natural abilities to grow in Sparks who grow in it, not of it.  Surviving winters’ body, and thriving in Spirit to realize omniportance to realize what you really are… a human in bondage, a successful materialist, spirit humanized into the subconcious’ seat, or an aware that’s contained in physicalities that continually whip the psyche of such combatants not going-along with ancestral and extra-terrestrial lines and missions… trans, by definition, in molecular structure mutations.   why must an outside source always be higher, more spiritually developed, and possess more knowledge than we… Empath checks in, “to recruit followers”.  There exists no greater heights or knowledge than within Ones’ owned sensing, when not feeling personal sensations or other entities eying our intentions and personal development.

From rain drizzles to isolated thunderstorms that crash down, flooding streets, trees, and lands, All will affect us in one way, or another, especially when they dry-up.  Hints, and allegations, from another Source, claiming there’s only One.  That may be for your resonance, then, the huddled mass that follows such beliefs from what little ones deem higher… Best wishes on your way home. Why did you leave, if home in heaven is from where you were drawn and quartered from into a reality that causes bondage and suffering…seems masochistic, to some of us. You chose this life, as a mission, from your higher self, and overSol?  Keep repeating, and living a life that goes to comfort itself in the stars when its body dies, after the mission is complete… One can’t makeup stories such as this perception, given by alien and religious scholars, sold in books and movements.  To conclude, assumptions lead some to stay mentally positive, to raise the vibration of the planet, so they may “go home” someday to join their God Source, the same entity in which alien and religious “wisdom” was concocted and resides, and help others believe in your faith? From preachers…of old school, new age, from another dimension, or through wars to burn fanatics…Sirius ly? rinse, soak, repeat…these lines are always used, updated, and repeated to different crowds, followers, and generations.  Has mass consciousness matured to higher realms since this trash-talk was invented…seems to One that wars and rumors of wars have evidenced different outcomes than prescribed, for as long as most of us have been alive…keep preaching, and repeating…has to come true eventually…

Ascended masters that don’t help others, alien abductors that twist words and dna, biblical transgressors and governments that evidence blasphemy and hypocrisy, or repeaters…the Messiah is not coming… “he” is at-hand, within, rising to arise, or knot…and is not a he, but beyond such notions and potions of differences in the sexes, but in the none of being a gender identity.  No waiting, following, nor believing… concentrate on their teachings, and disregard truths. Not hidden in parables, or pre-history told by liars. Higher Ones, don’t hide truths or themselves. Truth does not require digging for it, nor following another’s.

Truth is You. Nothing else is.  All outside one is perceptions, fragments, and lies.  This is why each “be lieve” (be life) different ly.  Resonance is a feeling, a sense, don’t stay there. It’s a leader, not a follower, don’t join. Build, rebuild, destroy…you. Life is your owned, possessed, obsessed, reaching, and rejecting unholy mess that doesn’t need to be saved or delivered.  Be you.  no make up or faces to put on, to play out with others, then take off when you get back home from a night-out.  We are home. Suffering, conquering, failing, loving, and hating every moment that changes directions, emotions, and lives that dreamt things would be different, somehow.  You are your highest Self, like it, or knot. Floating around in your dreams, constantly mentally anguishing, or praying for more.

If repeating is necessary….repeat this internally…”why do gods, aliens, demons, popes, politicians, propoganda, or other entities want to possess us, or get our agreement?”  (spark is jailed, no longer to be your Self, but what you’ve been made to believe in, someone else’s Self now to help build and maintain their structure, not yours)

Umbrellas never open when inspiration and potential growth is freely given from above, from clouds that rain down our cheeks, and drown any previous thoughts keeping the mind busy.  Drips run down the face, while rain soaks the hair, and runs onto lips, dripping into a mouth that swallows parts the torrent, into tastes that cleanse previous darkness.  Spring cleaning is upon us, and it starts within… growing up, and out, not to be stunted in growths, by outside or Deep players that are signing up agreements, and contracts.








Mother Natures’ Pagans

The eighth day of a Pagan’s new year, May day to most, begins on the stroke of twelve, on their calendar 2019.  Resurrected honouring Her on the third day (adding twelve). This cycle is a third time cycle…look in the past to figure out futures occurring themes.

Eleven is the vibration that completes the rising, and falling of the Sun, above and below and inside ones frequency to emit higher thoughts than last year. Empathetic Pagans catch a drift from Her mental imprint that All is well and brewing above and below the surface of materialists that keep going about their normal routines to get further ahead in their falling behinds.  Nature is removed, or was never allowed-in, or considered an energy source to draw upon by self-professed co-creators that destroy and plunder their psyche, until their Spirit is not of theirs, but man-made, into structures, beliefs, buildings, and systems that wind up to clog humans’ brain to remain in physical and ideological appearances  and success-driven promotions to worship  bodies and altered states of consciousness, removed of natural abilities, transformed into an artificial intellegence.  some now complain that AI may take-over mankind…when it already has, spiritually.

Eleven demands higher than dwelling in beliefs, so Earth will raise their awareness, by confounding them with events meant to coitus institutional scientific foundations, the information controllers, that spread what they lie into books, foundations, and society.  Prophets and Channelers begin to cry again, as their books predicted the end…sooner, or later, here we go again.  Note, these discarnates are voices and concoctions in heads, relayed within two-party opinions, mixed in truths.  There’s two or more in their frequency, so who interprets the messages through opinionated declarations when one eradicates the other.

Dreamers, who’ve never remembered them until now, visit un-grounded humans’ heads, increasing opinions and unfounded allegations that keep spinning zones that profit from followings of ascended masters, that exclude feminine peers.  Don’t they ascend too, or is this a boys only club that looks down on humans being trafficked?  Cycles aren’t observed by mortals, when following beliefs that lead to the evidence, and facts may be interpreted, as truth is in their beholdings…scewed by occult forces, veiled to blind perceptions’ obsession with proving their suspicions.  Intuition evades locks and flashlights on such findings…not of we. 

Tricksters are preying on meditations, and prayers are Being-answered by suicide pacts, that only serve their masters’ interests.  Alignments are not in the stars, but in spaces that begin as a transmission, and graduates to drive the engine of the human.  Why will so many be driven, indoctrinated in other ways, or commit their Selves… to a pre-ordained destiny that uses them…

As the destroyer in some dissolves masculine foundations built by others, co-creators continue blindly building veils to disguise larger perceptions, that they carry-on with, keep digging, or piggyback to their logic… procrastinating higher consciousness.  Heretics are guarding their incarcerations, and passing on keys given to them that provides release, as they’re not trying to break out of the mold that casts them, but to unrest All others who don’t follow their leads.

Clouds etch the skies, as darker contrasts, like a substance leaking out of a bottle, spilling in the atmosphere to drift by and condense and join into differing forms as it plays out in the sky to mix with the rest, all drifting by at different speeds, levels, and forms.  The Observer doesn’t feel, nor conclude… white, puffy clouds and darker, thin ones remain clouds of differing degrees that float around.  The white puff doesn’t carry more weight than darker ones, and mixtures commingle to start their own new race. Channels, or focus to one conglomerate doesn’t clear the entire sky, but gives perspectives from one stacked deck, that sees sin in the rest of the clouds around who don’t  enjoin them…. the Observer sees obstructions to clear, blue skies, compromised by cloud’s intentions. And focused entities with judgements, rather than Higher beings. Remember, Fallen are also helped up by strangers, angels, and demons from beyond sight.  Empaths weigh in gently, the lesser of two evils is no different a choice than the highness of realms and entities in other dimensions. They’re all still just clouds drifting by…some call out to obscure clear, blue skies and not raise but lower physical conditions of the channel.  Lowering the depth of our survival to attractions of an intended conscious. 

Shade the Sun,

The Sol always remains, and burns through clouds, eventually.

Darken the Sky,

The consciousness always remains, and survives the deluge, in time.

Excrete your paints upon the atmospheric canvas,

The Observer always remains, and sees through artificial Magi that war space.

Channel ascension through bodies,

The Empath always feels the humans’ remains, rotting the core through possession that doesn’t take a back seat to obsession.

Skies display what’s marked upon them, clouds casting shadows, light, or conditions and reactions that worship signs, forms, and communication keepers.  Sparks view skies to observe Her, and all contaminates.  A directed energy “higher” than its conductor trips the breaker, except when left on to consort the wiring, frying the mainframe… life-force vampirism invited in for lessons that don’t improve lives.  Clouds, in skies, that are benevolent benefactors or manevolent storms, they’re All just passerbys when they remain drifters, not symbols, formations, nor entities that limit perceptions or a humans’ conditions, and exhalt the channel.  The relationship isn’t mutual, a conductor must make the Sol sacrifice, to benefit the Clouds that don’t suffer, only their skies and conditions do.




















Loving Mothers

Mother’s Day, is always here with us, never leaving before nurturing loved ones and gluing all together with a passion that always begins and never ends to make us better grown ups.  Birth of love and devotion always returns to its roots to care for its outcomes…

Do children really know what’s Given, when ones’ essence is forged from its belly for an uncomfortable eternity to finally give excruciating pain away to a crying baby that eminates from her essence that delivers innocence into a chaotic world that only begins her suffering, taken on whole-heartedly and committed to a life that provides a security blanket of warmth to its nurtured ones that never fully acknowledge or embrace Her devotion, sacrifices, and courage.  Continually taking challenges and obstacles to task, as the tasks continually out-weigh the Mother whom sees none when looking into a babe’s eyes that only see Her, as nothing exists, outside survival, in a world where only a Lover and her offspring exist.

From birth throughout life, children grow up to routinely make life more difficult than it need be to the One that always tries to make life more satisfying and less trying for all others at Her anguished expense. Day after day, months to years, to life’s endearment, when considered, in which their all was formed, raised, learned, contrived, compromised, suffered, and strained into what they’ve become…from whining, stinking diapers, to whining stinkers, to occasional whiners that love, lose, and win, and begin to realize who and what they’re made of, and recognize a Mother… where loins grow and come from, and become lives… filled with tribulations, joys, loss, and recovery, to future fathers and Mothers…that began as Lovers, when two fragile, innocent eyes looked into the eyes of its Mother for the very first time, and pierced her soul, to always hold their shared essence forever, gently, in caring arms that nurture creativity and matures the growth given and received by both.

Nature is deemed Mother as it provides and sustains life. Naturally, Moms bare and bore our brunt unconditionally, to provide the best opportunities for little ones to raise themselves successfully, into grown ups.

Whether expressed verbally, or not, children care to return gratitude, thanks, and loving appreciation of the heroin that never gets called out for giving everything to us…

Thank you, Happy Mother’s Day 💕💐


*although we don’t have a role model, truth is evidence that no belief is necessary, and may not be veiled to Sparks void of darkness projected or beaten into them by others.







Happy Bday, wtf?

Why would those “closest” to me, wish celebration of the body, its mindset, it’s current predicament, when time and bodies, and such wished happy thoughts are temporary, decaying, and aging…as such remarks and comments from those whom “know me”.  Farcical, at best, knot to offend the feelings of surface dwellers, that you love.  How may One break it to them, that such thoughts are dark, fallen into egotistical patterns that pave ways to staying there…in a mindset void of Spark or the highest Self.  Things as these, may not be relayed, without bending and breaking their emotional development, and rules layed down by religious masculine clowns disguised as repeaters, followers, and accepted religions that hold belief systems past their prime into dogmatism for the deranged minds caught dreaming of lesser gods that never release them from captivity.

Seems best to cut the chord, with blood relatives who put on physicality and wear topical impressions around, sharing beliefs they’re living, without spiritual question.  Psyche’s are stuck in the dark, shedding their perceived light upon others.  Sirius lies, not just in alignments and stars above, but in a half-full, half-truth outlook towards masculine-held mansions awaiting them in heaven, a home for their Sol to come home to someday… Maybe it’s best, to let the darkness play with it’s kind, and stop kneeling to their level, just to get along…

The offense taken, for pointing out the darkness they live, a slap in their face, they feel, for wishing One the best birthday, and receiving no thanks in return.  Guess it goes from losing friends, to now losing loved ones, who thought they knew me…and got an earful of suffering to humanity since birth instead.

Sorry doesn’t go very far, to an obscure one of higher Ones, ones with foundations  built, and in-place, reaching out to those that destroyed any they previously believed, or built up within long ago. What is age, when time does not exist, cept in a believers’ mindset to materialize their matters into reality. What is to condone or personally congratulate, when homelessness, poverty, wars, and propoganda suffers more than befores. I am, or aren’t I, as the suffering in them is me, or does it separate me to celebrate feeling good about not feeling for the least of us. I am, or knot. Or I am whom they wish to fit into structures that concrete clipped wings into surface dwellers that corrupt their highest Self… and wonder why those such as me aren’t on board with insanity repeating itself, but they’re the ones knot listening. Empaths keep getting crushed with words cast out, and cry their eyes wide open, they just don’t keep it in for long, as true considerations from true lovers would never allow for such hatred to go on. Sensitivities feel what is seen, and view what is felt, controlling the flow when desiring so, but not to keep or guard, merely to play with energies humans deem emotional developments.

Stifle the reasoning, with the unreasonable ones…just be quiet and welcome more suffering; a loved one doesn’t know you, nonsense attempting a real relationship; go through nonsensical notions or break away and bruise hearts; and survive, in the quiet, of the crowded noises, whispers, and rumors that brand you less than them…wtf, happybday, aren’t we just humans anyway.

It was once asked of our deviance, how we would describe ourSelf, answered back in the exhale, “that we make others uncomfortable…with themselves”. What other reply may be given, or perceived by others, when foundations, consciousness, and realities reside in different planes of existence, thinking, and beliefs. Who gets to decide…who and what is acceptable, and what is real, when only fragments are being developed in human heads.

Some bodies celebrate their birthing achievements, while some settle-in to a masculine world and join in the building of structures, beliefs, and systems.  ones look on…wondering what experiences, fables, and stories bodies tell when spirit is abandoned for personal triumphs, wallowing in suffering, or trapped in psyches that won’t allow spiritual maturity. Nothing against any one, just not in our Stars to keep our thoughts and prayers on ground dwellings that keep you there… remaining grounded to Her, we sprout up and out amongst the weeds in their fields, plowing through their bs and cracking religious foundations spun by storytellers to capture perceptions to follow faithfully, rather than spiritually. 

Do they celebrate life, accomplishments, or as group reflections the individual…did they forget, or not realize, the human is an unholy mess, that fell from grace, due to it’s desire to stay there, in its desires and pride? Why would one not of materialities celebrate such unholiness, year after year…

In the Beginning, was only another fabricated lie that scripted minions to follow and bow to nonsensical priests that rape their congregations routinely, physically, with little boys, and mentally, with so-called grown ups that look the other way when preachers are demons in the midst of innocence, and fanatics are mainstream. Relevance is beholden their faiths, not truths, as hypocrisy evidences their living, and lying, to themselves and others who don’t believe in words and a world scripted before we got here…

There exists no beliefs, when a humans’  existence hindges on believing what keeps lying to them from previous ages now used as ulterior motives for approval to commit atrocities.

When egos lie down their heads, maniacs walk through their dreams, thinking the maniacs are the ones they look at, when reflection obscures itself from dreamers seeing themselves as heros slaying their Selves.  Spirit doesn’t walk, believe, or fantasize what gets played out in deranged minds that think they may stabilize and be comforted with psychotic tendencies that promote abuses to empaths whom don’t believe in anything except morals and consideration of others whom don’t consider any outside their own beliefs.

Pick a side, a religion, a view, belief, or structure…man made it all, submissing  feminine and corruption follows his saints, prophets, and followers to the end of their lines. Humans, that believed they were doing the right thing, telling fables and stories to children who grew up with false perceptions of reality.  Now pointers, accusers, dictators, abusers, and destroyers that convulse the rest in Us to celebrate in their corruptions. To support another state, of conscious, when hypocrisy rules, meets the definition of insane…but I Am deemed the crazy, potential suicidal maniac… that makes them uncomfortable to realize that they are more than they think, or celebrate. 




Numbers play a Roll

23.38 to 11 a number to a  figure, infinity smiles to One, in the end of that moment of seeing the conceived counted time, not real, solely the lampost it points to, humans’ time out thrown out the window and just noticing tricks to Pavlov’s dogs…not a humane invention afterall. Not for keeping on-track, but riding on rails of your own making and choosing when loosened from it’s containment.

Observer wheys in ever-so-lightly, as a feather, to unveil different directions and opportunities for advancement, not as a trained dog but as in a feline’s stalking, one paw in front of the other perceiving next moves based on perceptions of where and how the perception oversees the direction, not being directed or cohersed into one lane, but the entire field in which to all comings and goings, narrowing the view to potential futures…

Equinox comes to flow evermore through the Deeps’ manipulations of clouds, skies, and artificial weather in concentrated places with views that don’t suit you.  All done to no avail, as veils don’t hide in lies, truth does.

Newborn queens and crowns to kings too noble to wear them, from now on… As the Deep curses Sparks within the unjoined to propoganda and wars on its citizens’ integration into systems of mass destruction, annihlation of such in our past psyche now.  Weeding continues to grow in their fields, of flowers from another Mother,  but still a brother, lightened by the darkness growing in them, and staying in our own fields, of subtle energy and awareness of all growths and fields of energies, entities…

Harvest keeps routinely occurring, from birth to death, and in-between to keep little ones on track of what’s planted out on airwaves, to grow and fester the mass in lanes on highways to hells of their own followings, and dead ends.  You should be the star in your life, not a supporting actor being played for life, working to support others.  Contrary to mens’ law, corporations are not people.  Supporting Each other, mutual benefit…when mutual is removed, it transgresses work to be profited by a non-performer, a payer, for less than its true worth.   courts don’t acknowledge feelings, nor people, that pay them to treat them that way…when the human doesn’t perform, as they’re made into by a society that forces most into corners, lanes, or best of the worst scenarios.

Spring is growing your persona, gates are opening to flooding, new life is given…or not received, to carry defaults until death departs its makeup, and lives without obligations.  Break them, dams block Flow.