First blog post

Connections in worldly events…

Re: Extreme Heat Records

Sleep records its extremities, deepening its draw to instincts of its flesh, while remaining the Pharisee.. divine insight, while shrouding the keys to enlightenment..

Elementals injected with these extremes, energies, sorcery.. Standfast, my souls, as empowerment waves break ashore.. polarities, calamities, consuming with physical fear and destruction..

These are dreams for sleeping..not for awake. Doesn’t sky and space remain, though they be filled with contaminations, emanations..


Planets, stars, suns laugh at such wars of men.. as the dust settles, just as innumerable eons before, consciousness remains.. wondering when the sleepers may awaken to what always is…

The sovereign suggest infinite, while the zombies sleep to their Lords..

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