Who’s in charge?

Human worry, appears to be the key.. to unlock many doors in life..

I need the money.. yes, me too.. who the bleep wants to live in strife!

Necessary thoughts, they mostly be, food for tomorrow, clothes for the boy.. No harm, no foul, a simple thought.. what about the rent.. don’t forget that birthday toy..

You know, the car payment’s due.. I need to stop and get some gas.. I forgot the outfit for the party! do we really need insurance.. think I’ll pass..

My daughter gave me a flower, a single dandelion.. Hope this makes you happy, Mom.. Thought stops, it takes a pause… Did innocence just drop a bomb?

Skip a beat! Don’t go back to old.. Breathe deep, of a childs’ fancy..

thoughts bring feelings, as hidden luggage.. Do you feel them, as you busy about the life.. Do they not occur, since you didn’t recognize them before? just before this flower, did you realize your feelings?

Attached to each prior thought, before that precious moment, now do you realize what you’ve bought?

Loved ones and others seek our warmth, amidst obligations and tribulations of this life, may we take time to offer them a blanket.. a warmness and security that only you can deliver.. if we love and support… if we separate and don’t… will not there still remain.. the worry and the debt..

Observe those thoughts, Each and every one..

Dismantling shadows, true thought has just begun..

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