Allow to Pass

Stormy skies of this present conscious, I observe you in the shadows.. Collectives create their toupas, unleashed upon the truth.. beliefs of misunderstandings all must now obey.. mixed breeds of consciousness, followed to the heirs.. Idle our expansion, of sparks within..

Heathen ones, power appetite grows.. extinguish their light, any that remain.. Silly ones, kick the sparks they reappear.. sparks grow to flames from the your kindling.. Supress the flame, it moves through the sides and seams of its container.. seeking cracks, finding flaws.. aspires the flame.. as pressure builds.. relief ensues..

Keep them down.. from coming up.. Throw the carrots, let them dig the holes.. dig them deep.. forget the now, recreate the past.. They are not collective .. as our generations have been..

Breath of a new wind starts as a gentle breeze.. then to turbulence wind it manifests.. tossing unfounded adrift, leaving the tranquil in its wake..

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