Subconscious Light..

Shadows playing in the light.. shadows consume, but cannot extinguish without agreement.. dive into subconscious, into the shadows of our refractions.. see them play, the inner-actions within.. reason attempting understanding..

See their attachments, feelings that connect.. they change, don’t they, these shapes and drives.. stronger, weaker.. attempting to stabilize hearts’ cries out.. go with these feelings, deeper yet still.. you’re swimming with your sharks.. these beasts of devour.. but wait, they consume to become these predators of the deep.. what are they consuming.. and what are they fed?

As another feeling takes over the thoughts, a variety of different conceptions.. all with strength and weakness.. a wonder to behold, swimming within is an act of bold.

Shine the lights, bring these feelings up.. interpret their lessons, you are much more solid now.. purge it out, burn in transformation.. leave no feeling unaffected.. wallow in it.. take more than you may bear…expose them on your surface.. bind thought, feeling, intuitions.. ponder them.. express them.. release what no longer applies..

See your truths, left above the surface.. as the rest dissolve.. awaken refreshed, brother, sister.. you’re stronger now.. more in-touch.. let it keep burning, these leftovers below.. now blossom amongst us, above.. and share your wings….

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