Most know, won’t follow their truths.. others don’t know, unwavering to verify only theirs.. alas, the truth seems obscure to find..

Verify what’s been taught.. stay in the box, don’t let it out.. recite passionate versus of words fashioned by scriptures.. old, ancient, constrained by religion and sects, books and legends.. raised within these, are raised the heights of bondage within..

Learn my belief as you go.. learn as you play.. be good girls and boys.. my beliefs are your facts.. hear me now.. entrenched within, as you grow up and out.. the battle cries of youth, mocking within.. grows this conscious in chaos.. to express within to the horrors displayed throughout..

Follow the story, the dramas contained along the way.. feel it all.. carry it all.. destinations unknown.. destinies pre-ordained.. do you follow.. where to stop and rest.. comfortably in this abode, in the structure slowly built.. cause no change to this conscious.. I have managed so far.. starting to feel comfort and spreading your wings to expand.. speed bumps along the way.. road blocks of mind coutous.. dodgers of feelings, sorrow, injustice..

Seems the foundations are not so secure.. beliefs versus results, faiths and facts converge.. generations construct, deconstruct, merge with old.. smiling universally that they have the cure.. tear down these old ways.. mere peasants just don’t understand.. we’ll build the glory, cities and castles and like..

Sounds of babel, all over again.. trades, masons, priests and follower.. build your perfect conceptions.. every generation, thinking it is better.. cleanse the before, bless the after.. makes it all better.. grow a new branch, follow a prophet, a sage, or other.. mine against yours, you again me…

Go this way, no, come with me now.. look at this.. it is the answer.. now take it and fly, shadows in-hand.. this is it, the key to founding these buildings, without and within… believing this way, lest they strike you down.. Whoa… stop this merry go round!

Past is present.. it’s all the same.. different parts and players.. others’ agendas have contained and surpressed for too long.. Sparks awake, center is within.. these histories are fashioned by men.. Inside is the spark, awake it observes out.. no times, just the now.. currents of a transformed light sparkling beyond your silly games.. king or queen, peasant, slave, lord or master.. observe the observer and move on.. run underground, don’t seek within light.. beasts stay as beast.. tearing, thrashing, pulling apart..

Sparks unbind within.. flames drawing higher… seeking omnipresent of ALL..

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