Blue Moon

Dim the lights.. Set the stage.. cue the stars setting in view.. aligning for you, witnesses your glory.. travel within our conscious.. eclipse and ellipses.. bathe your abyss in her glow..

Earth dims Leo’s roar.. as the Lady begins to pour.. her waters stir undeniable view.. connect, sweet priestess of intuition, sensations.. as repressions surface, grasping the robe of illumination..

Pregnant emotions, out of our sight.. remove reason, observe their roller coaster of expressions.. does she have your attention now.. play in the darkness, resurrect.. transform.. A new dawn approaches.. within to without..

Years since the last.. 152, I’ve heard.. the number of eight.. our 7 day conception, born into 8.. turned on its side, displays infinity.. the snakes within coil the spine.. seek connection.. don’t suppress..

Jupiter winks.. seeking expansions during this event.. play in this dark, children of light.. be the child.. allow expressions.. stay babes in the wood.. blue moon reflects home.. connect the dots.. raise the flags..

No masters.. No slaves.. no prisons, no caves.. sovereign walk in the light.. there to diminish the might.. here it comes.. smack in your face.. it already shows it’s affect.. you simply haven’t accepted it yet… In two more of your days, your eyes may not ignore.. the storms have started below..

Its here for attention.. play it some.. dig in, and hold on.. sit in your center.. observer would like to see.. no judgment, image or prejudice contained.. allow.. nothing more ..

Open the arms of your heart.. to a long-lost friend.. yourself, within.. feel it stirring, bubbling about.. let go, release, allow.. be mindful of these moments.. now and another week.. as high priestess leaves the view of the night.. impressions remain to depart.. at sunsets’ next embark.. for 7 days the Lady omits.. take some moments to Mary within…..

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