Play on..

Fingers tickle on the ivories.. resignation, the body lightens with each stroked.. tiny dancers, on the keys.. add the strings.. vasculations of backs and forths.. put on a show.. each have chord to play.. inspired vibrations emanating.. as a whole, makes the harmony..

Soft and gentle, each strike.. part of becoming expansions of the orchestration.. becoming a background to the total expression.. feelings appear.. slow rumblings at first inside.. then vibrates out to all within the vessel.. first, noticing music itself, as it grows into observance of its own presence..

Bubbling below, floating up.. as their intensity grows within.. keeping in time with the frequencies.. in the performance, in the ballet of chords.. til all is one.. music without, tied to the within.. the All of the moment..

Beauty without, strikes deep.. within each pulsing beat.. finding desire to become part of it.. bare in these depths, images, distractions fight for attention.. but stay in this beat.. immersing all of you into all of it.. in the notes, vibrations unite.. vibes climb, grow and flow.. what use sight, now.. all that there is.. feelings.. feel, absorb each note.. get before the note.. can you anticipate the next.. in harmony, or without.. follow only the ins… love letters of music, some stored in your trunk… awakened as the witness, within the vessel.. wanting it’s all stayed.. in moments, in notes, in hearings, frequencies that tye together.. and within each other, anticipates the next.. notice their befores and afters, in-betweenness.. a wave.. now picture it, hear it.. seeing, feeling the waves… observing its ebbs and flows…

The fullness brought out.. need not be seen to know of its presence.. existence is felt, not seen.. Feel each stroke and key.. there, your center will be… now take it with you, in all of your travels.. remain there.. open to unfoldment around you..

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