The Seven..

Signs above, sisters below.. they move in their formations, masters of old.. your great consciousness.. one of many.. clouds the sky to channels below..

Intentions of lift, to be sure.. Don’t show us just the pages.. open the whole book.. intentions with self-motives does not display all truths.. karma you carry.. must burden your load.. SOL suckers of heavenly bodies.. while uplifting ours.. vacuums of plasma, almalgamates of energy.. tricksters of old, find there anew..

Open the windows.. all of your doors.. too many of your consciousness running around.. busy in books, libraries don’t look around.. wield your prowess, casting the moon aside.. it no longer serves.. no longer recharging your thefts of power.. still, it reflects duality.. as with ours..

Castaways remain bright.. Sparks no longer herd to your calls.. spread it out.. for all to see.. or master the veils to seers below.. karma, merely disappeared.. as you have clearly seen.. you play with it, ditch it, bind and transfer.. come again, find it awaits..

One hand helps as the others hate.. five more of them.. spreading their tasks among the mass..

With us, or without us.. our inner energies will no longer be spent.. help us, hurt us, wing us, heal us.. Sparks oblivious to such now..

Remove curses of our minds-eye.. seed of bud, bloom or boom.. of all arrays, letting go.. affect me no more.. sovereignty, wears the armour of the vessel..

so lead.. follow.. or get out of the way..

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