The Money Changers

Currents of cash flow.. breaking upon the shore.. the money changers amass the fortunes, worshippers of their Dao..

Play with the fleeting, while you can.. waves are broken by their crashes.. lord becomes pauper, enslaved by its king.. banished and shamed, karmas’ net has been cast..upon only super-rich can pay..

Pay it, they must.. it no longer moves forward.. thieves of industry, ideas, little ones’ dreams .. play on.. your fingers cloak outside eyes.. Dark must come onto the lit.. flushed out into the open..

They run, scatter and hide.. hid within, knowledge seeps her secrets.. seeking their sun.. light shining back at the transgressors..

You had a good run.. bankers of old, daughters and sons.. blind folds taken off, notice the contempt of the loins.. observe them scurry about.. lords and masters.. humbled by the accusers.. wearing the disguise of truth, some will “help” find the traitors.. spew the lies of the unclean.. point here, show there.. the hand is quicker than the eye.. shadows of others, soley steps to your demise.. seek “them”.. we had no control.. steering the inquiries of the fixers..

Those helpers of past.. kings, queens playing their games.. unaware of larger games afoot.. give us a cut, and we will not tell or inform.. you are worse than your thieves.. the puppeteers continue their hold.. they will surely never see.. ones as clever as thee..

Footprints take awhile to detect.. but not their path.. too much light, shined upon the few.. their plans know no bounds.. a labyrinth, too kind of a word to express.. their paintings of mis-direction and awe.. clowns of truth.. players of heart chords..

Follow the scents of their creations.. leads to the heaps of excretion.. value removed, placed away for a rainy day… don’t follow their words.. emptiness provides nothing within.. wild geese love a chase.. but geese may be tamed, fed or plucked.. don’t watch them fly.. see where they land.. feed there..

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