Displays of lights.. colors of lights and brights.. within frames of ones condition.. pulses of energy, of the light and the dark.. enunciate shadows, dark and depths.. perceptions, these vibrations.. of expansions and decrease..

Perceive your focus, it is a key.. try to contain it.. grows out of your control.. just as energies.. allow them to flow.. colors within the white.. see the observation expand.. glimpses, as stills..but in-motion.. plays upon lights, shadows and focus.. beats within, its essence..

Beats, rhythms, orchestrated by the player.. manipulating sights of light.. remove his focus..and yours.. look while shifting to the what of this.. viewed from the micro, images attach meanings and beliefs.. project their refractions.. light, content provided.. vibrations collide.. remove veils of lower sight.. their opinions, attachments and drama.. sights and lights.. manipulated.. become your source.. become the many.. of constant and intrude.. observing manipulating ones..

Seek beyond its limits now.. of constrain and force.. listen, see the chords, ever-present, within the pulses.. feel their far then away.. close and near, brightness followed by narrowing dark.. fleeting stills of motion, they come and go as beats..

Stack all of each different impression, or flick through them as a movie.. sights become a dance, orchestrated by their makers.. remove the intentions without, light always there.. cloaked, covered and changed by all shades of lesser.. seen as another, thoughts, feelings, opinions do not attach to the sight of outside focus.. see them all simultaneously, unattached, as one view.. dark, light, observer, manipulator.. all with different views.. narrow is the focus, shielded, unknown is truth..

See the impressions.. the flashes.. do they occur with no source observed.. without the shutters.. opinions of flash are removed.. if light were not transgressed, within the dark.. would its divine be known.. feelings, visions, goals and gains realized within narrow visions.. limitations played with light..

The spark is omnipresent.. views through looking glasses obscures true sight.. observing that one manipulates the energies, while we busy about it’s sight.. observing manipulators creations.. noting that they are controlled, deeper sight may be drawn.. no longer looking within another’s focus.. slides remain.. changed by blinks of dark and shadows.. but nothing changes the image viewed, ‘cept the one viewing..

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