Their Dao (Dow)

Listen.. keep listening.. as you have before.. to the veils of old.. or hear.. their words, mere movements spun around.. observe, as they unwind.. vomits of what they believe.. handed unto them, platters of feast and famine.. ahh, enter the clowns.. they appear again.. as called to entertain eyes, while tricksters play.. players of circuits.. trends.. and beasts..

Show the crowds, make them see., the focus of your suggested beliefs.. your untruths are viruses… within yourselves.. spreading to the flock.. just as they wish, don’t you yet see.. look not.. follow not.. seek not.. acts of mobs, desperadoes lack conscious..

Situated back down.. hear the views.. not the “news”.. views of specifics, not truth, mere perceptions of the manipulators.. look higher.. into your heart.. breathe what you know within.. no beliefs, what outside your team tells.. keep it close to the vest.. sharks swim in all waters, and yours.. the lurkers.. awaiting what you know..

Your starts.. all of yours.. shuffle the deck.. what are the paired.. beginnings.. flights of your fancy.. where did they land.. why were they left alone.. stunted growths.. Fill the skies.. a hundred-fold.. flyers prefer flocks.. avoid predatory beasts of seas, and landings.. maintain strength, support throughout these flights.. keep diligent eyes of awareness.. fly and land as one compliments the other.. all with the same goal..

Wisdom in soaring above, un-touched by lower vibrations.. following heart, destiny breeds multitudes.. listen to flags, not their directions.. you and the many will soar.. while beginning again.. you are far from a beginner.. sparks glow.. it warms you now..

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