An elders’ love..

None of their own money.. to hold nor spend.. surely the predicament will cause them to join our reality.. homes, cars, vacations and dreams.. created fancies to remain outside yourself.. clues all-around.. now put your offspring in debt.. just as you have done.. all maintaining the game of the few.. work your entire life, if you should survive.. retire in their consumptions.. that’s the plan..

From birth to death.. taught in their practices.. confirmed by outside lies.. your generations have served well.. your futures will also… what the benefit of your life to attain things.. do you compare yourself to others.. what derangement these thoughts.. seeking personal comfort within imperfections, boasting of conquer… conquered the fake life of lies.. you’re set now.. graduated their webs, void of knowledge.. scold your kin.. tell them how it must be done.. it worked for you..

Insignificants.. boasters to children, unaware to light.. make sure all get aboard this train, help your kids along the way.. foolish ones.. helping loved ones to their death.. binding their souls to the trap.. thank you for the love.. true love, this must be.. helping your babies to slaughter, feeling good within.. stupers of All.. play with your captors.. never awake.. you’re happy, you say.. so aren’t you comfortable alone… in the dark, with no light or sound.. shakes your insecurities.. hoping you think that you know… firmness slipping now…

You must be right.. elders inside the labyrinth, unknowing soul-suckers.. your systems all work fine.. don’t open the veils.. congrats of training within the belly of the beast.. sarcastic thanks.. now the system doesn’t work.. you must have broke it.. it was fine.. not realizing themselves working within broken toys of old.. two, three jobs, whatever it takes.. it can be fixed.. it worked before..

Cracks above, below, all-around.. skating in ices, never observing their being drowned.. debts, attachments, houses abound.. this is the purpose, of why I was here.. we had it much harder than you, babes of convenience and technology.. but never being told… is no excuse for your blinders, and holding more down with you.. technology provides sight, but with the elders’ conditions, beliefs impressed by its creators..

Flawed foundations require constant care and attention, up until the inevitable fall.. beliefs, experiences manipulated unbeknownst, keep adding bricks to your homes.. without and within, the towers are raised.. all based on beliefs unfounded, grown in deceit, corruption of old… forgotten by the masses.. as they toil on.. don’t consider All.. just keep working.. isn’t that the plan.. until such time that we may stop.. and unwind.. feelings, thoughts, beliefs and knowing s learned along the way.. seasoned your demeanor, made beliefs fact.. are you happy now.. you proved anothers reality.. based it as fact.. you worked and slaved for it.. now present your facts.. you played your part well, not aware of the play.. your audience adores.. do you feel safe now.. now that you think your battles over.. awaits the deteriorating body, unobserved scars.. why did you battle.. and for what.. and for whom… you’re safe in your confines.. just don’t go out, as realities clash.. you don’t understand.. how can this be.. realize, or not.. you helped create the place outside yours… bringing uncomfort along..

As your body dies, you will reflect more.. and unlikely never agree.. you have been fed, and allowed yours to be fed.. your life was never your own.. to do as thou wildst.. born of and into the lies.. but a few only see.. soul did not bloom.. merely the players…..

This is the legacy.. to be left on.. the most toys win.. these are but goals of children.. playing in a box.. wise ones.. battle-scarred experiences, never getting up and out of the box.. see your children there now…. why do your generations keep playing..

Build rockets to stars.. out of your box.. and into another.. blast out of this world, millennials.. do you land in tomorrows’ litter box.. clumps of waste within.. new ideas, within the same box.. look, great ones, let’s follow (again).. worship these idols.. see where it leads.. slave of others’ ideas.. only masters demand praise or accept worship.. while fleecing the flocks.. you’re feeding your consumer… stay in their reality.. change your reality, abiding in theirs.. environments change.. one box to the next.. as do the manipulations…

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