Their truth…

Fondling fathers.. of our country, of our hopes and dreams.. causing changes to true dreams.. still following dreams of past transgressions.. consumers of bodies, souls, minds.. changes consciousness of futures with their lies.. manipulation of old, keeps birthing the new.. update, edit the old paradigms.. zombies don’t stop to consider if their foundations are sound..

Build upon the old.. all previous civilizations evidence the same.. destroy, reconstruct, make new laws.. the fondlers never left.. generations, absorbing past karmas.. never looking to notice it dripping within.. consume, be consumed.. in nature now.. consumer-based economic goals.. disgusts those with spark..

Natural, you say.. animals eating animals.. men eating mens’ wills.. natural you say.. predators hiding in the deep.. pouncing on the little ones.. evolution, you say.. disgusts beyond observance any longer, of any purity remained.. ahh.. creation, creators, created.. all following the natural order of life.. who’s life.. what life.. this is not of life.. but of death.. this so-called cycle to which all is believed.. founded upon.. laughs all-around, from manipulators..

All free within, may not escape their without.. the rich do as their will.. adding to the sacrificed.. run over them.. through them.. converts of death.. waving flags of freedom.. but their freedom.. not ours.. consumers become consumed.. consumed excreted to a lesser.. as little consumptions become more rare, beasts turn on themselves.. slave as consumers, you will be safe.. until our plans change.. again… the fighting within their ranks, never sleeps.. predators of larger prey now..

Cries from poor heed not.. the middle, upper classes begin to get uncomfortable.. what goes on here.. thought we were in your loop.. as history provides, only temporary civility.. til the next necessary war.. genecides of non-conformists.. their children in-tow.. but where do these memories go.. babes cry out tears of previously consumed.. to those without ears..

It’s okay.. you’re safe here.. their pains of labor, strife, control of others.. you will not hear.. nothing to see or fear.. They handle it.. as before.. but with much more.. scar the lands.. remove their histories.. beat, braw, contain.. consume all that you can.. your rapes are let by.. did you get enough this time.. around you looking for your next meal..

Creations of all.. excepting purists, as this law is not natural.. scientists, philosophers, astronomers, men of so-called intellect.. raising the bars.. but bars remain containers.. little thoughts, from little souls, peering out.. look back now.. at all that’s consumed.. you gave yourselves laws to consume rights.. of others.. bet you’re still hungry.. curse the barbarism, while cleaning swords of purge.. point to others, fingers of beasts.. you’re all the same.. just different breeds…

Sparks, light has no chance in the world of monsters outside.. those thinking themselves blessed.. blessed with the blood of lambs.. trying to survive among bullies, thugs, police of all governments.. do it their way, or you must pay.. follow us to deliverance.. or we will harm you.. the drums beat the same.. for one-hundred thousand years.. we know.. we are chosen.. the way is ours.. all else is evil… believe the lies.. join the troops.. extermination never stops.. just travels.. with the predators.. and their masses of beasts of devour…

Die with the light on.. knowing them.. in all of their suits and psyops.. keep the spark, while they consume.. a non-conformists’ time must come.. these sacrifices, rituals are not of you.. maintain spark through the vessels’ death.. look down upon them with glee.. your suffering is over.. theirs is just beginning.. all of it behind you now.. they will not be changed.. DNA runs deep.. consumption, corruption extinguishing light.. this is their natural.. their earth.. don’t swim with them.. observe the unnatural believing itself.. provides the grin within… no more suffering from them.. nor from their men..

Watch them suffer now, as they die.. crying out long after their death.. don’t ease their suffering.. only a few really change.. these are but vomits of guilt.. looking yet again, to pass it on to another.. let them take it back down with them.. In their next life.. observe their pains now, if you care.. why observe beasts.. they merely seek to consume, kill and eat.. then bask in the sun..

Leave their library.. corruption of books and creation.. corruptors playing their manipulators.. playing on predators.. playing what’s left over.. scraps are fed to the masses.. venom contained within.. follow them.. to slaughter or slave..

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