Unseen battle

Peasants.. the downed.. toil labors and wares upon the ground.. slaves of survival, without becomes within.. toils of feelings, wishes, hopes and dreams… cast aside, by masters within time..

Opposing views inside, conflict outside conditions… beasts running the masters.. masters running their lords.. lords governing masses… boiling a stew of material view.. have, or not.. grind harder in your commitment.. busy within, without.. surrendered to all created….

Created, you say.. as you created your thoughts and feelings.. unobserved til now.. created by men.. of wealth and power.. polar of you, expressed in them.. heart, mind, spirit.. look deeper.. you are part of this … became the pawn.. pawns and their ideas fall first.. in this game unknown til present.. trying to get by.. the others’ spell works.. feed the machine.. and all of your generations.. go on your paths.. do your best to succeed… trapped within the soul farm….

Always played the fool.. manipulated all.. one against another, team against state.. bred within the consuming culture.. pay no attention, to beasts around.. circling the masses, predators of men.. stamp out the devil.. blow infidels to kingdom come… carnage only beasts play within…

It must be necessary, preaches paid informers.. sisters of the cause.. corporate thugs and tricksters of laws.. as we play within their platforms, weighing the damage of suffering and accumulation.. continue, each in their path.. without observing attachments inside and out.. have all slaved to masters in one form or another… yet each generation follows.. raised within the manipulators bosom, nursed of no connections….

Produce.. build.. fabricate, maintain.. structures of all types require manipulation of all kinds… educations, industry, armies and vessels….. inner, outer, obscure, monumental.. wills and egos cast their spells.. moving amongst their damnations and unaware.. sparks recognize the old.. demigods of ancients.. shadows become clear… slaves, forced to remain among the acceptors… kindle truth within..

you, still here.. amazing, if not perceived divinely within.. foundations, bricks of the past.. working together… all of you.. here at one time at last… to know of this feel.. this truth… right now… deceived no longer, the slave remains the fool.. thought odd, crazy, suicidal some say… infinite passes by.. even your times and years.. not much has changed.. still spirituality immature, never to be the light… dawnings shed darkness, cast them aside… out of the way, dark ones, lead your masses.. armies unaware, seek you now… for other karmas and afflictions.. your structures, pyramids to your demise… forgotten sparks… now remembered… enslaved follow… tearing you down, for reasons their own… sparks and truth need not be known to all… but lower vibrations have cast their nets.. you’re consciousness’ being pulled in now… with your wet-workers of manipulation.. matters not, what the public sees.. their justice.. simple observation of lower planes fighting higher ones unbeknownst…

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