Life, removed..

Land of void.. feels the observer.. not of light, nor of dark.. removed, neither.. frequencies of non-life forms.. projected by the few uniformed.. a curtain.. from one end, towards the other… a net..

Implanted, with another, unconcepted yet realized by the vessel… deeper.. predators in waves.. feels the thoughts.. destroyers without warning.. shakers of earth.. waves from a base, testing their toy…

Deeper still.. an explosion.. but of inner-out.. not bombs above.. but impulses below.. sent there.. focused upon a point.. a point with a dull impression.. large amounts of land.. blocks of cities.. wilderness cut off.. temporarily.. but none care to come back.. beams tested, wipe an area clean… site of the void…

Either accident, or intension.. at its source, or it’s course.. without fire, blast or missle… what would’ve been a test, is unleashed upon a land.. no warning given.. hybrids of radio waves.. waves that penetrate all.. a stoppage in their time.. awakened to the power wielded… the suit works with an officer.. orders go out…

Movement.. rumblings.. forces of waves, vibrations… one reminiscing of a stun… incapable of seeing the predators.. knowing lurkers about..

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