Soft Landings, too few..

Algorithms, contorted by the few… statistical randomness.. no rational coefficients.. orchestrators, landing in the crowd.. taking a break, letting it chill.. laying low, in this, an Olympic time..

The ceremonies played before your next act.. poignant sights and sounds displayed for all to see… beauty, wonder, creativity projected by the hosts… within their ranks.. some, servants of the dragon… host of an entirely different breed…

Transcendental digits… mathematics can’t square the circles.. 22/7… irrational numbers, operated by irrational schemes… sixteenth greek letter, you and 16… 7, to observing… study you, the tablets 1600bc… year of 7… your tracks become more clear now…

So unbeknownst, blending with the sharks… pouncing on them, or any other… obstructions in your paths, played away with bait… intentions within the belly of their bull… quick thefts to be hatched.. appear as trades… do you dream in digits, of 7000… what is value, within statistical randomness…

Your systems have such higher potentials.. benefiting All.. hackers, too clean a call, observing behind you manipulators await.. you play.. get played.. used.. as you will see when the dust settles, as you count the stacks.. lived through some sweat, major moments of stress… watching for shadows in your steps..

Circles need not be squared… those be mathematical laws and theories.. of your reality… no need computing, as you profess… but by discounting your circles.. will discover your defects.. fingerprints of agents.. same story of old.. infiltrate, take their logic in another path… they all do it.. points fingered at each other…

These souls bought… plan another, as games disappear.. manipulations with numbers… sequences.. 3202018, 7 at play.. don’t play their games… they play now further east also… seek common market threads.. millions within minutes, the key… losses calculated, observed as suffering, to move peering eyes…

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