Sparks: Light ’em, if you got ’em…

Little Ones.. all around, and about.. busy trying to survive anothers’ idea of life… kicked down, suffering living some assemblage of a quality life.. made to live under others’ controls.. confined slaves, shackled debts, utilities and substance..

Generations of manipulations.. the Middle cheering along the transgressions.. joining their camps, lower-level operators, most unaware.. all working for or under others.. sell to them.. buy from them.. invest in them, curse them, then come back for more.. whom are the poor.. indeed.

Humble denied, scattered about.. as not to see too many, walking about.. less noticeable, cept in welfare lines… money to survive.. not enough to go around.. eat well as you can, morsels get smaller at this end.. work for them, as they demand, or don’t survive.. that is their choice to you…

Take a deep breath.. stop all thought, outside banter… sit within your seat.. inhale deeply, in from the stomach of aches, deep as you can… let out any thoughts, feelings in each exhale.. outside things do not belong to you… you know this.. give them back.. breathe it.. thought of true love in the life.. breathes in each inhale.. exhales of things not of thee.. these things do not belong.. not of me..

Stay in this place, only this moment, this now.. what is here.. feelings, thoughts, bubblings of miracles not from outside.. you feel yourself, deeper now.. time ceases within.. only observe self.. all incoming must go out.. not of me, flee thee.. winds crashing at your back.. storms all about the outside of you.. let them be.. as passers-by.. look, don’t attach.. you, no longer the consumed.. watch the consumers as they pass.. are they outside you also… all around.. not just thoughts wanting your consume.. but all in the zombies life…

You are safe, friend.. observe storms, prepare for them, don’t become part of them.. consumed again.. blowing in, and out of your life.. allow it, them, to blow around you.. at you.. knock you down.. don’t attach.. things of these, not of we.. thoughts, feelings, debts come and don’t wish to leave.. All seeks comfort within you, Dears.. good, bad, ugly.. hide them no longer.. talk to them.. cast them, as they have cast each of you.. spells in words.. do you now see..

Let your masters strike Spark no longer.. we need no strikes.. we’re lit by generations of playing slave.. climb outside the box.. you’re living their lies..lives.. consuming madness condemned, implants loosen within.. sleep now to outside influence.. corporations of controls..

All Sparks.. “out of the pool!” grow up and out of their guard.. lives saved are their own.. observe each net now.. each and every..

Start with one.. the need of shelter.. Sparks’ shelter is within.. follow the path.. feel love in your heart.. sit there.. now bring it out:

“shelter, free of charge; comfort to survive outsiders. become my heart now. the shelter and comfort within Spark expressed to matter Now. within me, around me, clothed and sheltered in our sovereignty.. now walk with me now, at this moment, in my now. We Will Share This, within, never to pass…”

Only outsiders pass now.. thoughts, feelings, desires of consumption not within Spark… be of good cheer.. weathers pass now, of all types and kinds.. disconnecting from consumption, eases life.. use words no longer without concern.. fashioned by men.. wars and rumors of wars.. monitor your thoughts.. any not of we.. must leave.

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