Mary, within..

The virgin rests among, within us.. she awaits, growing observational insights.. riding unbeknownst within the vessel… on its own course, of its sole choosing.. sailing, wondering about.. accumulating things and objects, sparkles in their eye… setting their own courses, half a journey, with half a map…

The watcher observes, two consciousness on separate paths.. split lives, sights and feelings.. how did this become two… three, four or more energies spewing in different angles… eminating from the contorted psych… One, marries his outward beliefs… one sits in disbelief.. pondering deeper, subconscious meanings… are there any others, in you…

Time bears the old man… infinite, eternal awaits her marriage.. marry, within… Mary, within.. spark contained..

Lusting, craving, attaching, marrying to all outside thoughts and forms… a journey of one.. with none-other it charters and alters courses.. absorb new, similar energies.. some, for the life.. always tempering uncontrollable forces..

Peek from the higher.. observe as a whole.. outside self, seeking outside inspiration.. love.. content.. accomplishment. may something be amiss, within.. to keep grasping out.. nothing within, all comes from without… without meaning, foundation, truth… without permanence.. to be rich, all is under your control, domain… strive for that.. another reach out… does consumption ever stop.. what outside does not consume… when does one fill… so much work and strife to survive, outside…

Look and feel inside, no peeking out… in the pit of the stomach.. hunger of all types moan.. breathe it up and within the heart… a few more times.. stomach to heart… now feel all as one.. solar plexus.. feelings rolling around.. allow them dissipate.. sovereignty is at the seat… stay there.. what outside attaches to this… only the thoughts, feelings, beliefs we allow.. scatter them now… not of you… allow not to fall, any, on this, your space.. you are safe… you are free.. only attached within, outside may not enter without permission.. the one place.. you may accept or deny… steer from here.. no charted course, no thoughts outside truth, souly what you know… allow the inside out, not the outside in… it is only an observance… hear the sights, sounds and smells… or listen to the inner voice.. speaking without sound…

The virgin awakens to the unveiling.. left to remain, where none look… never touched by evil eye nor hand from its protections.. souly sought, may be found… not among dead, but anxiously seeking to give life… penetrating spirit, not flesh, consummates divine… birthing treasures upon the blind…

Seek not, be within.. things to see, places to go.. derangements of ego, basking in its glow… outward creation is but a potential future, in a sovereign’s past… not of light, but sleeps and dreams are these… refusing to wake to what always shall be… chase, consume, believe.. short sprints towards shadows of understandings.. having to repeat endlessly, to keep your vessel afloat.. changing only the goal…

Stop the madness.. stop following the tricksters.. consumptions, viruses to the Spark… see the consumptions… extract only their teachings and essence.. forms, meats to chew on, are not of thee.. capture the diamond, leave the dung.. such beetles keep moving their mounds with them.. into each generation… imprison their offsprings… loads of light penetrating all.. finding living among the dead..

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