Signs of intelligent life..

Vessels sailing their beliefs, inquiry and intelligence.. always obtaining, to chart new courses.. forever adrift in thoughts and conclusions.. pieces to puzzles, picked along the way.. obtaining truths, of theirs and yours.. keys to treasures, all believe… forever remains topside their vessel…

Steered, veered, through the chops, currents, of ships before.. different names on vessels of difference.. in the names of their kings and queens… of conquest and gold… scouring seas, among pirates and thieves… cruises and traps.. what fills these containers, yours… seeking confirmations and desires… Bounty is for the buccaneers.. never-ending dramas, adventures to be sure…

Sparks don’t sail half-cocked, in another’s pit.. Containers yes, but not empty… sailing out for fulfillment.. not another score.. to obtain or settle… vessel, the captain, contained, nothing to fill… just express impressions.. filter the broadcasts, psyop and sign… bait of fishers of men.. prevailing winds drive ships to rocks… no chasing, conquered, pillaging..

Within twisters, the eye sees only broken particles, thrashing about.. hints, allegations, broken bits of matter hurled about.. picking up debris from broken bits of broken puzzles… brings but splinters of truth, meaning of all…. steady the course, not hauling in catches… swept together from waters before you… inquests dependent on who’s facts..

Keys hidden, need not be chased.. allegory and parables are not of thee… games of players and played.. midstay, power of vessel, course the chart.. outside shipping lanes of travel.. intend your own winds, at your back.. within cosmic waters… let seas be, maritime laws, creatures great and small.. stable conditions, unfold impressions… Spark navigates, not at others directions..

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