Tunnels, visions

Tunneled visions of beliefs, channeling consciousness of old… unsuspected by its followers, only their pictures of future heaven.. never in the now.. careful, your hypocrisy is showing, irony of your cast… memories from the past, taupas gain their momentum.. thanks to you.. it’s alright, didn’t know betters.. gamblers, of true insight.. losing to the house… beliefs build pyramids, steps to its capstone.. believers, never seeing their top.. stay in their ranks.. remains of steps, never climbing up their own structures… maintain.. what was said, or wrote.. but toss writings that conflict.. constanoples of each age… use what can be, burn the heretics.. better yet, lock them in your library…

Cast spells of your masters, direct them at me… Sparks unamused by serpents and their staff… I observe, all of your spells… words in books, sorcery to manifest, temporal at best… reads come back to you, followers of words yourselves.. tongue in-cheek contains the snicker, a laugh, if not true… bring your father, sword and son… twilight pauses on your day… beliefs be banished, by your own word, from heaven above.. for your written proves, gods, respecters of no hue man, create and destroy with no regard.. heavens, of your visions, at their disposal… as are you and I…

How many descendants, now downed from your count… lives lived in beliefs.. never to be… crossing over, confusion purgatories their psych… as vessels of beliefs stocked with no foundations.. carriers of spells, voids and judges… sentencing convicted, not along for your ride… ancestors, crossed without truths, only with words of the Others… convicts now, jailed by their sentences… never learned as the vessel, where is your god in you now… be the light, stop flipping the switching.. whenever knowledge eludes, repeating his plan… where is yours, do you have a say.. you can see, what’s happening around.. heavenly plans, you say….

sons of your masters, your gods.. shadows dwell within your house.. reasons to turn off your light, to shine his light on us… grown within this matrix, shining and pointing to flaws of anything not attached… divine, you state… tunnels of ways of thinking.. no spirit contained.. cast more spells, empty all contained in your maps.. sovereign oblivious to your words’ source.. words used by your priests and council.. never tired, by these beliefs called words.. created by whom, these words scribed.. and to whom do you bow… all priests in your midst, hoping to be blessed.. by your priest… we are the psychotic, say you… drinking his blood, eat of his flesh… did you mention this club of yours, a cult.. what is heaven, again… these words in your books, carry weight… cept one of astrological, but I shan’t go there… spirit is light, except within your case… heavy, all of these scripts put-together.. we can see why many were not included… by his hand, you say… your words remain in matter, but not in fact.. spirit never remains, as matter… stories, lessons to learn.. by beast and civilized men.. of astral level.. planes brought down, by fervents, never to be seen by awake…

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