Rise Above

Receiving clues, working above the nets.. acrobats swing above the ruck, us.. rings of performances, pla cate the crowds.. I’m sure they’ve got it all… under control.. all worked out, in their minds… opinions and views.. theirs.. check other sources, narrowly viewed.. views with no news, a muse.. park your beliefs in theirs, sit and listen.. along for a ride.. theirs… look below, nets are cast to snare… no more high, wyle acts for us.. call in specialists, vending departments of defense.. theirs.. I’m sure they wouldn’t act.. to cause us any harm.. us, changeable, to become as them.. as the guard.. theirs… do we become them, caught within their flow.. agreements of conscious, go ahead, police the (un) rest.. as long as it is, not us… countries, causes, invade their cores.. missions of mercy.. theirs.. missions blinding sight.. ours..

desperation… downer to up.. enemies all around, they make you realize now.. ok, go get ’em all.. spare their details.. marches of militants… sway social scenery, root for yourselves.. build support… grows deeper into consciousness.. of those implanted.. nurseries, with rhymes of your reasons… gaseous greenhouses, fertilizer for soul (soil).. few things really grow, to maturity, in this environment… it’s okay, they need the mulch.. twisted, broken bones, minds, heart and sol (shit out of luck)… never growing, how do they evolve.. why does past keep repeating, chosen few taming or killing crowds.. regime change, without, within, structures dozed to structure of new.. evolutions vary, dependent on the mass and its constructs.. they’re looking at different things, of powers of gods, and how to wield them.. there is no place for whomever ends up as us… accept to be as them…

As another trail, one not of crumbs, broadcasts its opening and path.. clear for all to see.. the presence, and futures… rise above your other ones, cast them down… teachings of a positive and spiritual kind.. listening, catches the ear.. is this one (path) for me, and my heart to go through.. seeking alternatives to emissions of cold blooded taxing.. a different path offered, to be sure… any may be better than the currents’ course..lowers inner guards.. sounds of love and positivity, seems a good path to walk, amid the screams and roars…

many paths need consider, to be sure.. from this muds’ perspective, anything easily offered, or handled on our behalf, concretes conceptions.. poured over you and i, to block paths.. inner core, breathes all the way up.. connections of winds.. of unchange.. flatworked by civilians, burying consciousness life.. free ways of concrete, cut connections above, silenced Her flow… severing communicated again.. civil, community of laws that have bedeviled the child inside its mine.. cut the roots, now walk alone.. wear is your grounding now…

Essence seems polar, to that.. feel mores like demo.. of all cracy’s and structures of such.. too many lie, uns, tye Gers and baer’s… ohe my eye… feelings of cuts, ruptured and tears.. all busy bout, comforting souls above.. while aches burn.. be low Her surface, scars affect the core.. vessels, manipulators, penetrating quakes.. no wonder so many in a hurry to get out of here.. wounds need to be healed, while Others are out causing more.. but Her wounds, healing, not so easy.. frayed bandaids won’t do this job, thusly, our duty.. caused by rapes and tortures of mothers natures.. others, above the mass.. out of sight, out of their minds… out of ours, for delegating duty.. suckers, us from them, them to us, souls, suns, mother, dodder..age, ages..

the tree in me, looking for others of me.. paved by others intentions.. roots no longer planted, never connected down.. unbalances of the psyche, of civil lies sations.. planting lies of civilities… these unroofed, what be comes their foundation.. spread to the mass, consciousness creeps, once again.. to be sought, fought or slaved to its conditions… exhausts of all vessels, wheels and Tyre… who breathes in all your hot air now, your sisters and brothers of trees in this forest.. these, theoretically higher spiritual type.. recirculating their own, smogs of conscienceless driving their reality to keep paving roads.. citys’ expanse, civils the mass.. grounded in their own excretions… nature now, civilized, becomes their mother.. buildings resting upon consciousness’ nature.. foundations of their own, bolted by nuts and Others in-kind.. children, borne within this structure, never breathes of natural.. ins and outs, all of them go.. hustling about their daze, confused with (the) rest… in, and out of creation, of whoms, and to witch… height is not wondered, by these branches, but of plow and mowr.. finances, cumulative matters, buyers and sellers of ideals… rested laurels..

brothers, sisters, from another mother.. fenced in their parks and preserved for nature… desert the rest, squeezing the remaining moisture from parched earth… draining it all, sacrifices of human kinds.. quakes rumbling aftermath.. taken as a mean to their end… conscious of civils’ being, now being affected by its contact, forests’ contamination grows too, with its inhabitants.. scores of effects, never considered or left beneath, barrels the beast, human in form….

Lands of extinctions, always follow your course.. lives of seen and not, dead to sleeping, extinguished below.. sleep walking now, civil all with their hopes and dreams.. bullying dozers of pay off.. humans’ nature, running its course.. over all in the paths of their choosing… needs and wants, form concrete, histories of befores… nature, underfoot, never realized.. created realities, from stunted growths.. yang forgotten yins, vacate to islands, regions polar, planets and moons.. pave the way, pave everything you desire, make roads for the mass, throw in some detours… give them maps, show em where they may go… and may not..

Many variations of consciousness creeping around… their pilots control the flight.. you can now safely take off your belts, flights’ attendants comfort their passengers.. Sparks don’t typically ride on planes, unless another inflamed is driving.. but we stop and see your sights, merely causal to our learning, growths that may be played upon the dead… shadows of truths, beliefs, prejudices and projecting taupas… skies are busy these daze.. and those watching from below.. events come with show, keep looking up, they’ll let you know.. veiled, this one, of the many.. sisters.. Adams eves of before.. it’s all good, keep them lifted.. don’t show all of your hands, mothers just no things… yours is a good path, to be sheer.. so why so many angles, caging in as you have previously been.. all good, just wanted to know.. beliefs bind control… love to all, but Spark remains.. no blinks or your dowsing any more.. pars for earths’ course, players, scratches and handicaps, by all your means… play through.. courses created, on Her breathes, and on her grounds… no builders for your paths, no followers now.. you have enough, to fill what ales you, go in peace, or collect your karma.. time non-exist, reflections of your words.. true, from perspectives you concrete.. angles again, these consumptions you serve up have many…

We bid you all ado, all consciousness uprooted.. birds, bees, strawberries and trees, we’re grounded, roots absorbed in natured core.. heal them, we’ll heal together.. your so-called library.. your letters, stars and cards mix another brew.. tell your stories as you leave.. closing time, for any not of we… sub-surface dwellers, in your eye, times 7.. or is there more, in this time of ours… Her roots, now ours, and anys to grasp.. sublime truths within all entities words… Mary doesn’t like what’s being done with the place… we’re repossessing our vessels… it’ll be a tough course, plenty of pits.. unlike you, we only play at our times.. consciousness creeps now… unknown to most above.. vines of wrath, quakes loosening foundations, an event you say… of higher might… you have forgotten true light, Dears.. an event, you invent.. tell truths.. happens periodically, you’re not so high… conscious of consciousness, of all sorts, manning their boats.. your intentions no longer matter, save yours.. natural of thee is not the course, consciousness set in motion.. no stopping such growths, just keeping them off… now the games are also upon the gamers…

busy bot programming, progress shun… not seeking vessels’ progress, but making some you own…. your channels elixir your way home.. hop on board, their trains of thought leave every our… they’ve been tracked for centuries.. engineers for change they event… innocence lost, virgins’ birthing from pains of partial healings.. unaware of their medicines’ prescriptions.. scribed by their clerks, to heal their souls.. drawing vessels’ mass to resin, initiates of a new course.. not set within, but altered light, steering their direction now..

sovereign within takes a pass.. angering others, thorns in their path.. euphoric dreams you’ve had, now told coming true.. and are, to a differing extent.. more truths to be discovered, and reel eyes’d.. still reaching, seeking out.. not sprouts, but preachers.. repeat the versus, interpret on our behalf, sayings to keep hearts up.. and the casting of Others, within your pre history ranks.. Not putting out your light, many need inspiration.. but our flights are chartered, grounded in hermetic rose crosses..

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