Healing Time!!

Doves coop, outside my window.. soft, warm whispers of contented.. loved by each other..

breathing in, depths to core.. mothers nature, rooted within Her heart.. erupts up through the vessel… light this house, ship to shore…

Transmitted, with your permission, into your sore… mothers’ loving healing energy to your heavenly core.. sovereign within you, beats divine’s star.. Sparks of the Son, sisters and brothers…

All-High, Mary below.. dip this sweet soul upon your river.. of your course, we’re now matter.. healing all within this matters’ vessel…

Star, lit from within, radiates His love throughout.. every nook, every cranny… healing at souls’ level, infuses cures of your body…

Breathe in, stay there..

cured in body, strength only needed now, to recover.. Bless You, sweet child of His…

from one Spark, to Another🙏♥️

*dedicated to KC

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