Your wants.. or..

Be all that you may be.. following.. followers, from times before.. history always repeats itself (taupas playing little Ones’ visions, til unleashed) different players, updated roles.. but come back up to all of your thoughts.. from all of your words and below your surface.. given what light to look for.. shown a path, you thought you discovered… and the shadows are with you too.. not just inside, but out.. wait.. you say they’re out, but you can’t see them, that they transmit messages through others.. hand them down to you.. don’t say, don’t go on.. this theme doesn’t remind you of an ancient song… awaiting prophecies and events.. a series, in their programming.. they pull you up, spiritually, say you.. your perspectives get tainted.. as they commingle.. keep looking up, no downs in this flight.. cept maybe vessels tripped over along your way… do they tell whole-truths.. event is periodic.. why didn’t they say… knowers of timelines and intent shun… visions are good, without shaded glasses.. your vessel remains half-empty… ask them about their pre-history.. not what they offer, you, up on a platter.. but details of their befores… does their patience begin to sway, with forms of humans not getting on-board.. this higher conscious, you say, it weighs.. scales… seriously.. who will be saved.. Sirius ly… ‘Tis a good way to go, to be sure.. Adamant, in Lilith, hugs and kisses, this is not our way..

Vampires, of good intentions.. feed on their offerings, orders of laters.. meaning well do-gooders, having been played before.. players in the game now, unconscious of sub-ones below.. filters their presentations and plan.. sounds well intended, plans of escape.. but where are the details.. when, where and how.. wait.. your stars must align, we’ll tell you when that will be… somewhere, over the rainbow.. blue birds fly.. and dreams come true.. but whoms… dreams contained, within a structure… here we go again.. make your dreams come true, for their few… check their histories.. never ends well, for the following.. much larger games, unrealizable to the many…

Again, it’s all good.. be of the One.. loving place it shall be.. just not this Ones’… single pennies, cents left in fountains, wells and containers.. senses without your seeing, forged by befores.. working with our shadows, perceptions enhance.. you’re leaving your shadows behind, but not far.. only time.. ask the sisters what karma is.. they invented them, pass it along.. consider, from different dimensions.. communicatings of timelines, past knowledge.. are the just, they say.. the only travelers of your time space… unravel it all, or hold up their curtain call.. do you prove your belief or learn deeper truth.. One doesn’t share…

deeper thoughts, throw up they’re tastes now… walking, awake, alive or sleeping.. most are dead.. this life is death, thus death is life, in its fullest.. death, of this physicality, is life to us mushrooms… no beliefs to follow, life will follow us.. knowing, not reaching, this vessel no temple.. but a lockdown.. sense of other senses, sense of nonsense, eyes to fill, ears adhere, nostrils flare.. while touches taste the airs…… heirs, inerrant priesthoods (many, enthroned)… they fill the air.. now, the once grounded, seek flight in their planes….

Impressions as these, bittersweet as life or death.. just more tears here… from looking around.. fires the heart, from caldron below, light the spark be open.. walk your paths, passerby to others.. if any on the trail, they’ll join later…. go within all, bring out divine, in you.. wear their layers, see their kind.. sub below, brought up to speed, conscious of connections that disconnect, sept or rate flaws.. not from the still within.. but erred above….

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