Dainty little boy, says you.. not from his point of view… he sees a Herculean figure, in minds eye.. knight of armor, protector, queen and castle.. ready to pounce, or ready to snore.. but blinks in moments of dog daze… building blocks of moments in its guards and rests… supports, loves and tests… built within, moments into years, of protection and reciprocal love.. heart and soul of a lion, tempered through your words and actions…

Look closer at my picture.. statuette lion at the ready, feminine extenuated to forge a heart of One.. look outward at my profile, or know me better, within.. beats the heart of a loving soul.. one of steady.. to send out love, always at the ready… hearts of gold as this, don’t grow on trees.. but have struck, within this One… Rex is the treasure…

* for Ginger

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