Meat of Matter

Fasting, for animals..polar to regions within most our borders, nations of abnormalities within and upon the land.. against the grain, of mass… consciousness… demands, within their scores.. captures capitalized, domesticated into such a belief.. generations, captured in mind, bodies and spirits.. consciousness, if named one, caved by men..

grazers of their unknown, the whole lot is fed.. manures of men, sprayed on the fields, unexcreted compounds clog the pours.. eaten, processed and eaten again.. ground down.. then birthed into generations.. who’s eating what.. and whom… too hard to tell, but we’re eating it now….

Bodies, pieces of lives, broken by unaware.. slaughter of hearts, minds and bodies.. fed to spirit.. vibrations lulls its mass.. napping to higher frequencies.. closing doors to the preceptor… cuts from their prime, fills for the beast.. preying on their lessers..

void of light, barbarians butcher their blocks.. inanimate subjects, the diced and the fed, rooted in conditioning, caged thoughts don’t grow… extinguish their light, generations, families of befores.. and plenty more hereafter… psyops to keep demanding more.. discount costs of heart and soul.. corporations, chemicals, anti-bodies and the like.. keep dishing it out.. consumers consumed by consuming.. never looking, where does it come from, where does it go.. this flesh of others,

Disrespected acts of unconscious, cradle to grave.. life, if called that.. prisoners awaiting guillotines.. ranged of freedom, packaged to transit.. karmas marbled by the wealthy, spread to collections of unconscious… don’t care of what they eat, how they grow.. all about self.. the inhumane grows.. in selves, societies and economies.. lives, growing businesses of slaughtering houses… stunted growths, stunted realities..

what grows this universe, deepens reality… blind hungers meet.. ravenging grief.. upon flesh.. severing tyes… to pastures in-common…. care, kindness not in your vocabularies.. no cameras behind your scenes… it’s okay, consumptions bud the tastes of your flow.. blood baths and manipulations are processed in your deliveries.. contained within packages, pleasing to the discriminate palate.. plated by predators, hunting and seeking no more… a consciousness, of collective, devolving as a result of recycling their matter into matters of meats.. meating their makers.. ingested by mass markets, now generations of current, seas of subsidized wealth.. amidst the death.. to farmers, growers, now also contained in its silos.. thrown morsels, now striving to survive, within the darkness of this system..

Conscious to things in its universes’ view.. subconscious stirs the brew… creative psyche subdued.. innermost imaginations, die unconscious deaths.. within corrals of agreements.. invited, or force-fed… go along with their flow… or stop grazing… allow consciousness to grow… out of their pens, coops and economic flows.. pastures awaiting the veils to seers above and beyond their path.. way of drive, called and branded.. select, choice, veals of little boys… dog housed til darkness meats your taste.. what madness, all of this.. no wonder, diseased in the ranks…

Your path is stifled.. you creep into some no longer.. light is given unto your darkness… look outside, we’re tearing it down.. not participating, nor agreeing, casting spells of own ERS ourselves.. your flow is stopped, contained as your environment.. spread no more, to fester body and soul.. spirit, no place for immaturity… no more paying.. sacrificing others blood, our sweat, and tears… to allow you this far, shame on us.. to allow your further growth, unconscionable to those with some left..

nurturing your stunts in growth, we starve your roots’ flow. vibrations from above and outside yours, at first.. now lower to your domain. rooted in mothers natured, seeps our consciousness now… not affected by yours’ flows

no time, no space, in this now, love does not cast down. shrink your net and flow, transform your foundations. vibrant your frequencies, as we refuse to leave. depolarize path untranquil to our virus of thee. no respecter of the men within. open hearts and minds, we clear the clouds of unconscious contained. free range, ones within its awe. your consciousness cleared, your dye uncasted all enslaved. and to yoo, transformed  consciousness, no more cruise control. wiping, rebooting your all to source. nurtured now, go in our light, loved mores than any of your befores. reborn against your grain, now. conscious and naked from orders below. enlightened, your burden, now contract, back upon your vessels and their structures. let lives passed before their eyes, and dissolve back into thoughts. their conscious schooled. now resting in their laurels. blessed, for higher growths.. taupas backed to their containers, all planes disembarked.

our presence lifts, leaving higher intentions behind.. taupas to any of your unmastered.. seeing hands spread out, to stop at any inception of new branches..

halted growths, heading in different directions, futures… stained vessels out of their control.. controllers of lives’ stock.. robbing branches from it’s life force, premature deaths of consciousness, never climbing it’s ranks… while vessels diminish down their stairs away from heaven… elevated now, manipulating others’ faunas, floras… case workers, closing one, opening another.. day in, dazed out… lines assembled for the task.. of conditioning, transformation and closures.. another file closed, another body of files opened.. cabinets of files, holding in pens.. railed and trucked, freight lines of storage and contents.. just another number, no feelings compassioned.. just another corporation, ledgers of cooperatives.. agreeing to what they figure.. calculators of profits and expense.. on papers, minds and souls… counting each and every morsel to be salivated.. the source erased from all of their equations… except one.. vials.. now chemists, pharmaceutical peddlers and medical practitioners.. another wing, another serving to provide.. webs weaved , another of their denomination… through the veils and shadows, on their own paths of genocide… creating drones, of masters’ species and deceptions… big pharma in all aspects of all lives.. a virus ailing us…

Fast of their foods… stand for rights of perceived lessers.. perceived time, perceived lessers.. precepts of ones life played upon another.. break the contracts, and their spells.. advertisements of desire.. to pictures they paint.. Rembrandt implanted defibrillators broadcasting impulses to receptors.. minus the condition of sourced… plays on mind keys their lock.. forces fed to your head, aches from your cored.. observe fake news, painted, to be believed…. steers of truth to hunger, games of played by masters on their enslaved…

*dedicated to mrs 7 serpents

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