War On Bees

a third of our mouthfuls, destroyed with their hives and queens’ productions.. fruits and berries being made sterile, except to drone makers.. pools of genomes, ready to take natured places.. evidences of removing our core, and Hers.. what entity, but of a governing form, lays such strategic strikes… history of the ages, no need consider whom any further.. manly men, of god architects, still worshipping their whippers… femininity must be crushed, and their queens…

Dark Ones of old, making another splash.. on consciousness’ ocean, we vessels paddle.. thieves in the night, conspiracy starters.. anything for its king dumb… no compassioners allowed in their plans.. no healthy doses, pharma their food.. they’ll teach us to try and grow natural.. expense out of reach, or change the supplied…

Inhuman, I would say… alas no matter, to Them.. their projects have to be completed on times.. horrifying your discoveries.. coitus the mind, organs, and spiritual nature.. natures tie together.. they’re unwinding them now… building insectoids for their purposes.. pollinators of a manufactured kind…

Tares to the heart, consequential damages in the scheme.. larger mass for them to overcome.. don’t mind their details.. soulless Ones of the bastard, likeness in their kind… the ripped are cut deep.. collapses as these, don’t go unnoticed by the keepers and their sworms.. buzzed in natures kind, relays Her scorn.. seems the darkened never learned their karma.. it’s coming, sisters, brothers.. observance sows the reapers.. difficult to maintain life, when knowledge manifests the evidence of shadow players… security intruders, preachers… consider, went for the core.. not just the future of its universe.. hides the paint, of ballers rotting their cores.. masking extinctions.. happenings that see the crowds.. manipulations fingerprint their order.. orders, takers, changing future histories again..

sad to endure, anger attempts to rue their day.. need to direct in a different flow.. not within, but discharges to tear down the kingdom.. ways of protection of natures’ flows.. lest we become or remain their drones… bees of their pollination… working their hives…

*Manek 💕🙏

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