What If…

Nothing such, as co in-sense dent…

Rallies to the roars, of eye and ear.. sights, sounds of spiral go-rounds.. chemtrails above and below, within, without.. hazed skies for all to see, and be..come.. horizons and dreams come together to help each other.. despite Repute’s claims, attempting to hold its mass…

burning cities, lives, artifacts and books.. tempers of tantrums of lessers, while barking orders of intolerance.. infidels to your cause, we flip narrative.. now prove it wrong, holographic artists.. containing our skies, to contain universal affects.. magicians, priests of your befores.. still clinging to matter.. not yours.. always the taker, as your waring proves..

what will you do, cats abandon bags.. mere physical candy, given to Trye.. dogs in Their eye, beast in thine.. all of your inventions, to turn off lit from the lights.. change magnetism affects, won’t stop us any more.. no need of shifts, to see the light in your darkness.. you changed history, writings, consciousness.. yet, many still follow.. thoroughbreds, quartered horses, harnessed with blinders and goals given, jockeys rein their ranched walking corpses…

As another veil arrives on cue.. the prophets and seers, event planners.. I mean, higher beings.. in the know.. our first clue.. cable channels, not like old daze.. frequencies dialed by its source.. intentions and be of good cheer, easier said from the dumbed.. smart, long range thinkers crystalline gazers of consciousness.. cept their own.. always proper in their courses of matter, steering their formations where many wish to partake.. event of your invention, actually naturally occurring, you didn’t mention.. two consciousness’ of collective, which I Am not a part.. masons, dragons, half-brothers, sisters.. no longer a care.. flights of fancy may be boarded by other vessels, but Sparks don’t passenger planes.. especially of your disappearances.. no need for salvation now, no masters, no slaves.. finish the harvest and creep on.. knowing your next potential futures, all mapped out…

Done with gamers of heart, mind and spirit.. play on, as we plant… befores remembered, not forgotten.. a chance you took, payed off well.. but parts of the library have been grounded now.. wisers to deception by the predators… Sovereign lives in your timeline or some others.. can’t stop our path, Tyre of yours.. make another one up..

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