Pollen Laters

Bees, busy bots about their craft, in our dimension when observed within sight… out when we don’t peer.. appear instances.. appearances of times stoppage.. to us, not these solders, marching on.. reproductive transmitters, consummate their flights.. pictures of antique, storks delivering babies, of natures kind.. necessary forces of course to build foundations planted in source…

Pretty little Ones, of the Many…

Perceived small, by inhuman standards.. while performing flying feats of magic, no human may achieve…

sadness influences the heart.. fighting feelings, let them go.. suppositories of aftermaths.. hard to accept or believe..

Bless thee, as you transform to other flights of consciousness.. blessed, we, enjoyed by your infillment of your earthly flights..

Imaginations now, to voided fields below.. bees buzzing all around.. in the millions.. my image bares witness of befores.. staying there, they now populate the field.. slowly at first, testing feminine waters…

Brethren, were at-work.. manning the fields.. returning home from their journeys, finding cataclysm.. workers to the core, they search now.. new hives, rotting tree branches and hives to start anew…

Little angels, in my book.. let it be written upon paged.. I carry each of your memories to places with me.. depositing to higher flights..

Little dears, raising the vibrations from their below ours.. raised within, by so-called lower realms.. raised by your beat, seeing lowness in others..

acknowledging, appreciating , warming your memories matter.. spreading your wings, releasing all your matters above and below the surface of consciousness… to be perceived, unseen then revealed.. in fields of alls streams… Peace upon you, pollinated in love…

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