Operator, Operated?

Feelings expressed, tips of icebergs… floating masses, drifting in time.. evaporating pools, break away in chunks.. while cruising waters above surface.. but look below, disproportionate to dip exposed.. at the ready, to be struck by any passing or sailing bye…

weight below, alters conscious steering.. of intentions.. captain unaccounted for.. til an object hits, altering the already altered course.. was drifting, now stopping all engines.. checking for casualties, manning the boats… only, it’s a drill.. of another kind.. All sailing, now on deck.. viewing aftermaths…

Forgo the damage to other vessels’ hull.. help along your way… assess your data, mass below the surface holds to minimal directions , except to ponders… allow free passage, from the crash.. start chipping away your befores below decks.. narrow your girth and its weight.. chip it away, loose the anchor, transplant your roots… water and talk them daily, for best results vary..

be the Gardner, planting her seeds, of nurturing kinds.. constantly weeding,.. Spring has arrived.. time for tilling, not harvesting thoughts past their prime… grown within you, bulbs of doom and gloom await their potentially.. us, along for its rides…

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