mutual.. feels above present mass conscious.. unconsciously..

Mutual benevolence, may it grasp conceptions upon vessels adrift.. compassions’ core of magnanimous lost, rarely sought.. a gift.. of generosity..

Unselfish plays the major role.. rebellious teens of self esteem.. controlled, but sneaking out.. parties of freedom from restraints, restricted upon expression… white picket fences, the veils to the show.. and tell, immature when brought out..

Trust, , getting to heart of emotions and their fallouts.. ticking bombs of your time within an ideal.. of creation.. yours.. shadows to players, you hold the key, wizards unbeknownst..

Usual suspects, round them up.. prove your chosen victims, I mean, alleged perpetrator.. spins the mind, caught up in turmoil of emotions.. forgotten non-profits, aiding and abetting accusations not from within.. sourced..

Alliance of conscious, between self or more.. friendly behaviors and reminders, of working together with the other vessels side.. do you mirror reflections of your light upon their thoughts and feelings.. no pointillist, human to hue man.. loose prejudice chains, and align yourself to their senses.. empathy, minor details for major scores…

Love letters mailed telepathically, awaiting anticipated responses in kind.. lasting.. implied conscious commitment.. long.. terms and conditions to be up for.. completion no condition, truth has no open ends… ☯️

MUTUAL combination of ideas, places, events in the psyche… Relationships, along for its rise or fall..

Respected, consoled, care is mutually acceptable behavior.. for those mutual to understandings…

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