Enslaved By Britain

They call it their kingdom.. Pages in their books controlling capitalisms’ king dumbs.. follow the trail.. bread Crumbs from their ancient romes.. spirit crumbled by their religion.. US in their battles for domination, do you finally see now…

Bombs and raids on our intelligence.. just another paid commercial in our programming.. elites calling shots.. drunken warlords excrete their vomit upon our universal peace.. keys all about, never turned by the mass.. not their concern.. not their yard.. keep convincing your constituents, congressmen of ill repute.. drunken in charge of masses.. people, bodies, parts and morales.. as we watch their show.. anchors of their ships instructing how to understand their commitments to insanity… keep watching… they are the doers..

patrons of movie goers, never refusing to pay for their entertainment.. watch another, it’ll change your reality.. they’ve seen to that.. pieces of puzzles, used by their will.. turning drones into patriots, turning patriots into drones.. captained from their bunkers, maneuvered from their commercial, let loose on the ones not in their domain.. US, now the hard drive to their web, software to cuddle the babes.. keep them playing others’ games, at our expense.. win win, for the games of war, committed to minds…

maybe some will finally admit, we are owned… All theatre now, logical thinking outside the window.. shadows of them, becoming sideshows of psych.. de-evolving humans, pronouncing their modern thoughts.. claiming all done in its interests, all others caved.. force, from olden days til now.. forces of take overs.. taking all not already possessed, possessing all bodies engulfed with their air raids of coitus.. keep listening, they’ll give you sources, void of spark or proof.. who needs it, they’ll make it later.. cookers of books, historical lines, souls and minds.. crafters of old, hiding in plain sight, generational manipulators.. US, now theirs….

Theirs from long ago.. deals made, doors closed.. our worlds come crashing down, every time they enter their convictions.. muse of news, controlled and rallying cries of conformity.. US against them, here we bomb again.. senators, representatives of different classes, not of people, but of direction, theirs… mushroomed constituents, as long as they may partake in the catch.. look all around, who represents whom, and what is a vote?

Wars, and rumors of wars.. from birth to death.. are these ones on earth really alive.. or placed in retirement.. to support games of players and played.. sucking money, resources, and life… out of every sucker resting in their laurels.. parked, benched, players to cheerleaders.. building their stadiums.. of idiocracy.. loons in bins, in charge of society…. worlds transform to Britains Bitches…

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