Feline Contained

Masculine behaviors upon Her lands, and upon our minds.. hundreds, thousands, of years.. vessels and life stories.. kept a lid, upon Her mass.. all these years.. bitch diggers.. extraction teamsters, of unionists members, societal bastardized civilizations… rules and reg’s, argued without defense.. man to man.. Mano e Mano.. what happened to your other half…

Unnaturally nurtured, in books cooked by schooled fish.. hooked on your lines of forefathers.. abrahams, conquerors and militia forces, predators in mainstreamed… dollars, bills, debts and taxation, on spiritual Solstices… removing all sovereignty, if allowed to be controlled… battling divine feminine, row mans evolutionary consciousness.. creeping and crawling, into ours.. modified archons, lords ruling the class, mass and ass… perverse views and stimulations, keys to separation…

Hold the phone, stop their presses.. anchors weighting their opinions and view, spirituality immature obligators.. Pharisee of befores, holding keys, not allowing any to see more.. over their heads, and half-hearted lies.. truth in there somewhere, keep trying to locate it, while shown another door.. merry go rounds of fake and feelings, men..t to keep you stirring.. matrix of mans’ maticulous machinery, designed intentions to transform lives and matters, of thoughts and visions.. all outside us now, natural weaned long ago.. ages and eons, structures burned, raped and pillaged.. wars, and rumors of wars.. they should know, they invented their formations… forms not of we, the tree within me… still standing, rooted to Her core.. awakening with Her natural reactions.. tremors and quakes to those awake, end of world scenarios for religious scholars.. ships of another course and nature, bringers of hell in earth…

sermons and scriptures, written into books.. excerpts stored inside your house, that is original sin.. creating havoc, battle cries, banners and extremists.. wiles chuckle their scores.. little Ones, blessing their pastors, preachers and cardinal directors… no slaves needed, when worshiped by the poorest, and teamed with the veils.. unintelligent intellectuals, elected pansies in robes and gowns, crowning kings and queens.. hypocritical satans, christening fleeting moments of shadows playing on consciousness…

rebel rousers, gun manufacturers, military mindless, governing bodies, governing perceptions and beliefs… always knowing, changing courses to modify behaviors… astute observers, captains who steer our rigs, upon rocky shores and painted skies.. veiling truths, re-writing historical data, based on false information… removing the empress, the water bearers, the flow of yin and yang … no longer complimentary, but judgemental, to any that may lay in its way..

roots, uprooted, now grow their own.. removed of mothers nurtured, she may be openly raped and pillaged.. resourced to man, of lands, natures, and peoples.. all has its place, within natures’ wielded.. only power and money have their place within our world…. on the surface, that is.. bricks and mortar, rounds of ammo, building, destroying, rebuilding on lack of foundations… masons and architects, black magic whores.. making feminine feelings, not expressions, solely to be tamed by men.. boys, really, with craniums and souls for toys.. and destroys.. it’s mine, no mind, just take it.. kids boxed in sands of spiritual time.. lost boys, and girls, aging in time and matter… de-evolved spirits to lower causal ties… jackets and suits, boarded in rooms of empty events of realizations consequence… making heavens on earth, while Her babes’ tears cry to only solders’ ear.. trained to kill, not feel.. just following orders.. human speed bumps, getting in their ways…

Divine feminine, always takes a back seat.. driven to crash and burn, or be resurrected within our light.. Marys’ back.. and She doesn’t like what’s been done to the place.. placed in back seats, never allowed to rise.. nobody puts Her baby in a corner.. spring brings the gardeners, tilling and weeding through His darkness.. moons of full, and new, reflections of the lit feelings within… grasping Spark in me now… to cultivate Her nature… growing and blooming amongst the weeds… makes it plain to see, their dastardly deeds…. if it doesn’t nurture, it’s not in our best interests.. mutually beneficial, or get a divorce decree.. of any thought, of any within matter.. spirit first, then consider matter..

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