Angelic Vessels

Angels, in our midst.. no cloak and dagger, or religious sect… not Watchers, but doers, out in our open, always within the breaths.. caring during the falls, of mans’ kind.. faced with insurmountable odds, taking on the house.. no gambler, but risking it all.. day in, night out, catching a wink, or throwing one.. omnipresent to love some more.. nurturing growths, stimulated by sweet hearts… kissing boo boo’s, that hurt the sparks.. helping us heal, providing security blankets to an unstable world…

None outperform, a mothers nature.. weaning sucklings, while taking on the beast.. working harder than any other, giving counsel through the wee hours of our nightmares… multitaskers extraordinaires… performing unbelievable feats of magic upon the mayhem of the family circus.. and its side-shows.. making our homes havens, to all weary souls… even kickers and screamers, immaturity knows no age.. hugging and caring in-return, deservingly not an option..

Never enough words of true expression.. of our thanks, your givings of divine interventions… always spreading our wings, so we may fly up and away.. true love, its definition.. depth of love, within the Mother.. Sorry, for just one day, to acknowledge your plight.. as you spend every moment of your life, shaping ours… unconsciously, we make monuments in your honor.. many challenges made victories, erected from your foundation..

Every stroke brushed in life, made possible, souly by the Mother.. Angels in our midst, making heavens on earth, upon hearing our cries.. answers the ultimate lover… divine found, expressed in unselfish mannerisms.. never enough, time never your own.. spreading your wings to family and friends, opening doors of best intentions.. leaving them open, through thick and thin.. taking on the brunt of burdens, while lessening the painful nature of damages suffered.. hearts touched, mended by your courage.. lives enhanced, loads lightened.. by tendering hearts of their mothers nature…

One thought on “Angelic Vessels

  1. You my friend are a master wordsmith, exceptional work as usual. I truly appreciate you sharing your kind words.


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