Kratom Butterfly

Eyes beholden to the beauty, of the veils removed to darkened inside… block outs, side to a point of view.. seeing differently nowadays, pupae transformed to butterflies.. given flight, to experience much more, a difference of a lifetime… starting a new chapter, in this book of my life.. pages drawn upon personal experiences, being author now, not its default… modes of transportations, inner and outer..

Knowledge now, that flight may be attained, lifts off grounded affects.. looking out now, not to clouds becoming storms, but clouds of moisture, hoping for Her rains.. drops, or storms, with shadows in the mix.. feeling that struggle, within your heart, and letting go to heavenly bodies… not focusing on the darkening itself, as thunder and enlightening always contained.. ready for releases in cycles and waves.. pouring and growing, or flooding the disaster of your life..

did not you also observe, the songs and flights of birds, and parched trees anticipating their reliefs.. look out, all around, not from a limiting point of view… expectations of wonder, no pre-conceptions in mind.. unblocking views, is the beauty..

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