Over Sol, so over you all…

Hints, allegations.. traits and tragically.. planets above, affecting all those below.. rants and raves, jealous waves.. keep effecting passengers on planes.. planes of conscious, in their minds.. unconscious sleep walkers, walking in raining waters sent from heavens above.. never acknowledged or felt outside, bodies only see physicality…

fed up with your lies.. what lies beneath, why orbiting lyres, and staying your courses.. cursed in transgressions, learning lessons… Rays of a sun, through the clouds of our eye.. eyed in different ways, without a face, a waste.. eyes of clouds, all around. eyes large as clouds, faced in-betweens.. suns or sols, you decide.. and what is an illusion.. within the firmament, where the magic happens, above and below…

Let the leaders follow their stars, ranking files, for their own heirs to pay, worshippers of their masterpieces… one-sided coins, never fountained, in waters of a great spring.. always on the same path, keeping paths confusing to all others.. ruling shadows, veils of men adding to your beliefs… planetary bodies, housing their authority.. leaving us in default modes, if stayed in their orbits.. following beliefs, of others indoctrinated ins.. into the psyche, into the living waters, killing their souls’ reaching.. religions, purges, chaotic circumstances.. bring the poped, robed in blankets, of hidden secrets.. never opened, by their clergy, still locking up books, and opposing views.. tamers, players, living the lies, and dressed for the occasions.. peasants’ remorse, sell them sin.. hypocritical symphonies, orchestrated by their priests..

States at play, acting little Ones, controlling mass… tamers, shapers, and shoers, ferriers of vessels, tanks, women and children first… and which was the illusion, we decide.. Sol suckers, vampires weigh our selves.. now dismantling all conflict, pointing to their conflictions… over souls to rays, and entities below what’s lit to observers awakened… dig deeper, when ready to sink an anchor, to subconscious realms… Rising and setting, but only to us, preachers busy stating parishioners views..

take a step back, look from afar.. higher selves see turnings of pages, always booked by their marks.. different perspectives, from differing views, no time in subtle bodies, to obscure the truth.. ask their gods, soul lineage.. aged by controls, of maritime laws.. now nurtured below mass consciousness.. wars and lords, masters enslaved, enslaving the resters.. all under spells, born into these fires.. coming-out screaming, overtaken in adolescence, observes the fallen…

above the firmament, below the clouds, sparks are tiny, and planetary masses… birthing the letting go, to those falling for desire.. pieces of larger realities, vessels claiming independent egos… many Sols, many moons, unbeknownst carriers, of persona wars of befores.. multiversity for initiates, to learn and explore… nothing to go home to.. many, their core point..

Not joining or following, not in the cards of this sparks’ hand.. doing our own dealing, stacking their decks.. separating from mass, consciousness on a journey, of portals, not partials or parceled to places… merely creeping, passerby observing.. differing conscious, in beings of all types.. muddy waters and mud bodies, rinsed clean when watered, blooming growths of wisdom from growing.. out of their reach, into the fray, this souls destinations of no paved ways.. sides, shows, stoppers of the benefits of raising the being.. lifting veils, always seeking and peering through emotionally stunted heights… healing the wings, clipped by attachments and darkened ones… still in flight, and other awakenings to planes of travels..

pride and prejudice, where does it keep us.. where does it take us.. are the traits leading the bodies, infecting others.. no harm, no fouls, a tough hill to climb.. keeping out all, wipe the memories of their feelings and desires for more… out of habits, habitually thinking.. processing, processions and computational judges.. not of we, must now leave.. only in the now, forever interrupted by the age.. driving nows into oblivion, and start all over again.. living, giving and receiving its blessing, constantly focused on staying, and leaving being a way, rising deeper and observing the falling… this sparks’ only maintaining.. a moment.. having seconds dead to time.. leads to minutes, hours in the mind..

a wave is calling, surfing the innermost banks of perceiving… stop the flows, of any controlling features.. strong feelings, to answer trivial questions and feed the beast.. expressed by your emptiness felt, by thoughts, not actual experience.. commercial desires, packed and fed to corralled.. stay the course, dead of outside interference for ever after… each after, you notice, forever observe the moment.. momentum has shifted, hang ten along the way… every new glance, a second chance, to stay in one place before thoughts and feelings brings back to surface… what is true, what is an illusion… they keep feeding us more, as we keep asking for it…

observe every program that you turn on, that turns you on, to your need for more.. consuming, traits, traitorous of natured give backs… turn the channel, device, illusion… not seeking character study, have plenty insiders all ready… ditch the digging, keep soaring, feels this observer…

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