whores, fingered by pointers..

Lavas explode, covering mass.. of lands, taken, by them, now recovered by the heart of her matter.. blaming nature, mixing speeches with acts of gods.. spewing venom of a dark light, from statistical data bases.. they caused and created it, poking, prodding and sucking out all of what they consider of value…

cycles and waves, come now to beach.. polar of flowing out, but rather, sucking in.. another random act of nature, they will contend.. sucking now, into the ground.. sink holes of destruction, caused by them.. said they’d protect humans and their values, forgetting the saying so, again blaming Her nature.. waves of flooding waters seeking holding tanks, long since removed, by mans’ greed.. another act of god, or nature, as they say.. keep spinning the view, while more cities flood…

insurance carriers, off the hook, as planned and designed, from banking boards… peasants’ taxes, paying their bills, natural, unintended consequences, they continue to rally the same.. all the while, making the rules, and pocketing the premiums.. knowing from the start, hedging their bets, and getting paid off for their efforts.. materialized calculators, surety of the course, exclusions to policies, manipulated from their start…

sink holes, lava flows in reverse.. perversion of nature, brought out to be lit, or buried in their crafts, of pyramid schemes and structures.. always burning the mass, escaping without a scratch.. pocket it now, pocket it later, just as your business endeavors, to suck all you may at out of each and every soul… Sol as hers, does not comply, to man-made structures of routine abuses.. claiming mothers nature, cause of death and destruction… while fleeing the scene, of your own demise.. takers, not givers, are passing their prices onto us.. it’s their nature… causing innocents, to pay with their lives.. previously paying with dollars void of sense..

not the end, not nearly now… coming back with a vengeance, and a score to settle.. lands and properties to shift, rumblings were a clue.. take the money and run, no more to wring out of the game… cause and affect, karma for those who believe.. ancestors of billionaires, bills never been paid.. taken out on the rest, divine not prejudice to any particular perspective or race for conquest… fly to mars, get out of town, with ships made of fiery fury.. look down as you take off, fires of fury that you started and left behind… consciousness, of an archonic kind, hiding in vessels of saviors… technocrats of a democratic type, pay and stay, keep paying for all of their properties to build their formations, that end in lies and cries.. step over the bodies, bumps in your road..

Is nature the cause, or a condition.. a symptom of the cause.. have you been told what to believe.. floods naturally occur, so why make believing unnatural events mainstreams… clouds shadow brightness and heat, shadows cloud judgement of natural skies and views, above and below… precipitation building and conglomerate to wring out water.. conglomerates building different waters wring out truth, in order, to make their own.. shifting the shadows to view, not what’s be hind sight… blowing naturally in the breeze, or shifting and shaping what breezes our way.. and will.. changed will, change desires, core of her truth, masked by men of the dead.. keeping us with them, to live their dreams..

awaken from others’ dream, awakens our own, to die again, or stay awakened….

dualistic consciousness, taken for rides.. multiplying to threefold and more, than you bargained for.. layers being laid, by whores of another kind.. sleeping, with all, and tallying the scores.. creators keep building, as observers pass by… their beliefs and intentions, behaviors and building… never equalizing, always over taking, her natural structure.. duels to end, of swords and stoned, can’t hide from battles, brewing in their abyss… gained momentum, elevates their egotistical theatre… performances in plain sight, unveiling their nature… cooking the books, from lifes’ A to Z.. state officials make the rules, to go along and come along, riding us for our lives…

rest in your laurels, listen not for words or ideas.. not pointed in any direction… simply allow… the listening… direction for anointed pointing… neither seeing, nor believing… no seeking, no peeking.. mindset focused, on nothing of all.. nothing created, outside yourself… no time, just continually now… how long may you stay, before you leave and play games… may you always stay, while you play.. remodeling foundations while you own your own way….

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