Suns (and daughters) Shadow

As the sun rises and falls, in and out of our sight, the moon shadows its travels upon the night… moon rising and falling, while the sun glares in another’s eye, cycles and waves upon ours… director of one, a bright, warming star.. reflector, the other, absorbed the stars’ light, into a darker side.. into a luminous shadow, lit up for all to go with its tides and waves of shadows in the night.. always traversing our individual universes, within your own natural laws.. laws, a key… same distance apart, but always traveling together.. within sights of the other, orbiting earths dwellers, inhabitants and their histories…

stars, planets and vessels, demanding authority to rule our conditions.. forever locked in their own conditions, ruled by others, and on down their lines… to ours… and aren’t they always there, said the new mood… beyond duality, together, apart, they shape realities.. commanders projecting their forces, shadows in their wings.. daze and knights, inside and out.. nucleus of light and dark seasons, cycles, tides, waves and wars… exploding observable affects, unseen, until essene deeper than the shadows…

no worshipper, nor follower, observations of their traits and conditions.. feelings felt, of structural changes, uncreated by its viewer.. conditioning of rays, to the psyches below, physicality’s, typed by planetary bodies and stars.. rocks with Sol, blessing, and cursing its remnants.. imprints within, unnoticed by the carriers of those gods… gods, been given authority, by its mass’ defaults.. polars, oppositions, gravitational tugs of pushing and pulling, unheavenly bodies stay in orbits of others.. usurping microcosmic worlds, within bodies unknowing themselves…

mothers nature, combining all forces to set courses and planes… how may a nurturer allow such influences upon the rest… she does her best to minimize theirs… out-sized, out-gunned and repelling the raiders.. keeping her flow, keeps them at bays, and retains her crown… our worlds, operating within all of their formations..

born into 3,6,9, of astrological signs, posts the script, shredded in this appointed time and aggravation… now seeking to subtract, not add to existing foundations, no desire to stay there.. not a remnant, sparks don’t remain, solely to simmer and steam.. learning lessons and karmas of others, not a being, taken for rides… no knight here, of torahs’ unkind.. not a battler, but a lover, it’s in the cards… not even to the dark upon the land, sea and air.. battle is their decree, not of we.. unconscious ones, making and breaking rules, and shoveling its manure to the mass..

attaining to higher perceptions, unsympathetic to rulers, regulations of all classes.. empathy, in this one, tyres of builders and foundations built by others… aspiring against the grain, not to gain control, but to unwind the chords.. of all pasts.. enlightened, by all others’ darkness.. calling themselves light, mere lamps, lit by one flaming view.. fiddling, while the city burns.. given a glimpse.. all good, no complaint, just not this ones path.. another conditioning, of a higher type.. acknowledging so many con dished ones, difference now, of knowing… presets of beings on boards of planes of all existence… this one, no passenger, not in it for peanuts.. no hims, no hers, or psychotic behaviors.. none to follow, as none come before.. such hearings of ancient times lore…

being, a planet directing its own orbit, and affairs of consciousness.. bring on the dark, bring on light, staying gray for the balance of this ones flight..

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