Darker Views…

Cats to kittens, purring or hissing their views… of astral projections, brought to the table by the human vessels.. talking, discussing and planning trips to yards of graves and higher views.. all bring with them, varying degrees of how to proceed… as the cats sit on the sidelines, not asked to the party.. beings perceiving much, out of our physicals perceptions… eyes that process differentlies… why so many lives, living extremities.. clawing, scratching and purring, all the way up the ladder, of subtle bodies… be on your guard, in all realms, observing and pouncing on what you know… fighting back, at any tryouts pouncing on you… newbies in a strange land.. take the cat within you, leave your kitten.. don’t expect, prejudge nor keep expectations… throw them out your window, when opening a door… not a kitty, but a tiger in your tank… reserved, for just in cases… stay in your true being, not constrained or contained by other views.. sit with your observing, but ready to rock and roll… get serious, if you really wish to know… no poking, no jabbing, with energies unknown… to you..

keep it simple, as instinct and intuition forbid attachment.. above, and below, lower and higher states, rest in your Self, not taken for rides.. perceive, the flow in your upcoming graveyard shift.. shifts in energies, not as a man, as you arrived on their scene.. but as essene, librarians and scribing the events, remaining unmoved in the process… bring the experience within, open your heart… not to be broken nor messed with, but to allow the opportunity to seed and grow… other layers, always there.. never looking, always avail when ready…

no luck necessary to wish upon.. bear walk, as 7 says…. 💕👍


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