Coming and going, observed, then not so much.. creeps thoughts and feelings creeping inside, scratching to get out, or rumbling within to make knots again.. of your feelings, perceptions and grasp, of reality and its conditioning.. of you.. and your sanity.. comparing outside observations to inside resonances, or knots to unwind.. screwing, when losing grip, freeing, when let go…

the lunatic is everywhere, that you, and they are, at the moment, in the moment, or knot… inside, waiting to fabricate you and others by its self discovery or destruction.. all, or nothing, dependent on its impressive force let loose or reeled back within.. tug-a-wars in, fighting to break out, unchained upon our loved ones, and despites, or coddled as an infant, ready to release its cries.. crying and pouting along your way, or transformed beyond infancy, to One that is learning and loving along its ways…

unleashed, as a tantrum, or allowed to pass, and play with others, maturing and sharing its insights along your way.. all we confess, or care to exchange, allowing the heavens to open, or bring the fire down below.. sharing its feeling, and exposing its needs and desires, of immaturity… growing healthy, or stunting growths within its vicinity… when will it learn, the power of its force, and course, and whom is doing the leading… dancing… in the dark, below acknowledgement, awaiting days and nights, of lunar howlings… barking at the sky, from being locked inside… or coming out to play another way, with your mind and its plays…

release the lunatics, break out the prisoner, don’t be the containment but the vehicle.. the journey, the trip, trippin on life and its inhabitants, not your sanity and your vessel, or its containments…  carriers, of courses and deciding what to contain or unload.. not upon others, but shedding your skins, layers built over times, on the dark side of your mood… always another side, reflecting light, orbiting for solstice and connections, or eclipsed warmth and light, not seeing its conditions… going crazy processing the darkness of a lunatic.. negating positive energy, and bringing it back down to quake the earthly realm, or let out, as an investigator, to another state of consciousness…

loving and lighting all of its passengers, field trips for the initiates, children at play.. unknowingly having swords and shields, to wield and assault, or comfort and hug.. double-edged thoughts and voices, accumulates the lunatic waiting in the shadows.. for expressions or transgression, to higher or lower realms, of a lune.. or, to nurture surrounding bodies.. out of its mind, out of yours, kept in or let out, to practice what you’ve been preaching…. to Self..

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