Lyin Eyes

know where perceptions lie, appearances from where objects are seen.. seeing is believing, not yet the knowing… where perceptions lie, then unfold the truth in the all of it, veiling the lie.. pull back, gaze from a higher nature… not just objects, but their orbits, and the looking.. focused on an object, rather than the entirety of the transmission… the from and to of a flying object.. orbital patterns, unnatural to present states of consciousness.. seeing is only partially receiving the all of it.. what is perceived is a partial view, requiring a larger lens to improve the seeing, no longer a believer.. where’s the come from and going, worth knowing, of the captured in attention of intentions… changing your course, from one focus to another.. points one to focus on larger games afoot… players in the skies, upon the eyes of seekers, watching the passerby.. not an object, but objectives, trains of thoughts manifested to sights, by Deep actors… playing in shadows, never showing their hand, stinks of institutional conditioning, another brick in the wall, of understanding.. why the secrets, hiding in plain sight, if not taking us for a ride…behind our back…

tips of icebergs, above our current nonsensical leaders’ heads.. basement dwellers of spiritual climbers.. no longer climbing, but removing steps behind them.. cutting off all up and comers, unless they follow procedures.. pre-conditions of the fixings… the builders hand shows up in all facades of society, secret societies no longer, but being played out within the shadows of governing states… goers to assemblies, of food and foul lip service, original intensions otherwise engaged.. offering food for thought, rather than morsels of understandings… theirs, gone long ago.. believers, making beliefs come true, changing the fighting rules, to keep the fighting at their feet, no more head-on collisions.. choose your side(s)… coitus, to rebels…  no wars, in the halls, of laws whored by their lawyers.. they can make it, bend it and break it, but whatever falls out stays beneath them.. supporters infighting, detractors exposing, doesn’t bring them down, until they’re ready to plead the fifth… these are the current standards of leaders.. going down, kicking and screaming, or staying afloat by staying on one side of arguments… what happened to bringing people to together, has maintained the separations… diversity, a major frustration for the elected… lip service, their soul requirement..

groups, supporters, endeavor to put on happy faces.. in places where they no longer be-long.. actions, of actors, players who act out their denominations.. split from the whole, and trying to build their blocks.. gaining, loosing weighted supporters.. must be playing, to put a show on.. if a pass needed to enter, and advance.. marching to another beat, the differing beats go on.. why does a truth need to be packaged and sold, displays for allowing the shadows to play.. shadows of men, and women, preaching what fours and why knots.. Jacks and Jill’s, no longer runners up gnostic hills, but joining the others preaching.. popping out of boxes, to surprise unwitting participants.. scared into actions, by reactions, now absorbed onto a different path.. continue watching the show, the drama is at your detriment.. some thinking, they could change, the sins of the master.. how do you change the trajectory, of a nation and its mass, on a collision course with itself, while wiping all in its path.. cannot change an insanely path and crew, too many steering their course.. stop feeding the beasts, little ones and the predators…

Contain, maintain, own your own world first, and at all times’ when shared in mass… conscious of lynchpin mob mentality, feeding frenzied by the joining, unhinged by the propagation.. carried out by the meaning wells.. wells with no water, just baggage, is what they carry.. giving it to all who will partake, in different disguised packaging.. carrying on, for a noble cause, being played, by nobility of the mass, not freedom from enslaves.. calling out orders, to have someone’s head on a platter.. used as another step in the ladder, of a master race, taking place, under noses of preaching, side-lined practitioners.. holding signs and walking lines, to bring attention to their plight.. histories of befores, future unfolds, to sobbing and weeping, of goals never attained.. strike up your band, let’s hear your tune.. another view, from pushers of another kind, still cause mind coitus to the young.. voices for principles, not standing in any, cept to hear their own voice.. trying to convince others that their preaching to others is true.. from their perspective.. another band aid, another cause to embark your flame.. using yours, to light flames into acting.. more flaws in the system.. igniting other joiners, all along for a ride.. political views of news storied have been drawn up to capture you… filling heads, with beds of lies to grasp onto, knowing real change will never be outcome.. keep feeding, they keep hungering for more to outrage for, never looking back at unresolved petitions of past marchers.. all in it, to win some change.. getting stiffed, and nodding their heads.. as the next generation steps up to the plate.. surely, results will differ now… not observing, others have been doing the steering.. caught in a maze, of political entanglement.. you said you would change the corruption.. looking back, you just changed the dressings… yell it from the highest steeple, no one cares any longer.. the beast rolls on, despite the rock throwers… taming the beast, out of your jurisprudence.. recall, they make and break the laws.. chastises the disagrees, then proceed as previously planned.. master planners, builders, baiters and minds, darkened by the shadows they wear as armor…..

why travel pathways professed by lip sync institutional thinkers, amongst the beating drums.. no more beatings in this one, disconnected from their drums and wages.. waged within, from the rocks cast at shadows.. figures, in the night, of a new moon, planted aggressions.. picky in the slim pickens these daze, passing on hand-outs of institutional archetypes… take a step back, outside your body.. glare at the political scene.. common themes, all partaking in the making, of pointing fingers and relevance.. making the breaking news, breaking up in-commons.. raising flags and staffs to half-mast, or all the way.. sweeping under the rug, that which bears no fruit.. to ratings, not raised thinking.. re-packaged stories by cheerleaders pepping the rally cry… invite your children in to hear.. do you manufacture another opinion, another passenger, on another trained.. where does this consciousness travel and become, racing through boiling blood inside closed vessels, blowing at the pointed.. teach, your children well… castings, from casters of all forms of boisterous stimulants from one-sourced incompetents.. paid for the drinking, and pouring out from the well(off).. keys to understandings… carrot holders, for spiders caught in webs, maneuvering their ins and outs, and yours…

perceptions lie.. day in and out.. used and abused by the so-called higher ups.. perceptions die, nightly, when given light to awaken from their daze… getting on board precepts makes somes’ realities.. watching the commotion, rather than the enjoying, reminiscent of indoctrination, too many to keep tabs… without an interest, perceptions see beyond the puppets.. and their strings, tiers in a structure… asking self, why do so many willingly join, the nut-house… containers, containing no life force, just forced life, agreeing to similar disapprovals…

way outside the fray, creeps consciousness’ going other ways.. this one, no judge nor jury, just observing the ruckus, to equilibrium.. appears to be their mainstay, maintaining chaos, with the light.. so many, invitations to their clauses… staying awake, in the light of the turmoil, marks one aside, of daily conversations towards patriotism, nationalism and all their good ism’s, marxing Ones as communists, for being disagreeable… peaceful nonconformist, now enemy of the polled state…

comfortably numb, up the lyrics come… seeing the dark side of the moon, in programming from communication outlets.. been let out, a virus that has caught intentions, and replaces them with daily scribes, of daily rides, on seasoned reality shows.. casting as fact, what is the hope to happen.. intuition, in reverse, perverted power for the points to trash, and get behind, they report hints and allegations, to fulfill the bind… blinders, binding blind, carrots hold them in-place… no place in here, for any of them.. evicting the mass, their pretends and hallucination whines.. of noble causes, they haven’t a clue.. souly one now, checking for others, not consumed by fictitious characterizations… no believing, what’s being transmitted.. no Being, transmitted into believing…

full moon on tonights’ landscape, reflects the feeling, of flying solo, and writing reflections, of observations, lit within, to write again…after her falling… for now. no more impressions to be ink’d….

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