The Nature of a Person

Sparkle of light, star within always shining bright for others to spot.. locating on the gravity of your specter, then parking awhile in your life.. thanks for allowing bits and pieces, such as me, to become part of the spectating…. welcomed in with open hearts and minds loosens the bounds that bind revealing.. a hue, observing yours, coloring pages in our books no longer shelved… unbundled to take apart and seek again, what we thought we previously found..

foundations, beliefs and curiosity endeavor to build upon the nature of our understandings, not fully aware, of what we build upon.. now, rubbings of sleepy eyes, transmutes to opening the skies the limit, for openly reaching the heart of matters… the core of their natures, outside natures of outside players, gaming our understandings, holding back the dying, of the egotistical maniac inside the minds of thinking talk-backers.. players, of back and forth thoughts, within your fantasy… thoughts keep your mind going, engaging your mental activities to overwhelm every waking moment of your focus.. has the thought ever entered, that all of these thoughts conglomerate in your mind to restrict access to lower depths of higher consideration…

thoughts, hopes and dreams swirling around inside the brain, from the moment we rise.. thoughts arising on their own, with no invitation, they keep spinning the same stories.. not knowing, they’re lost within the many, not making any headway, just gumming up your works… bringing you further away from truths you seek… better, to focus on just one that pops into the mind, and keep it boiling, only the one… evict all others not currently in your work space, and feelings that attach fall away with their leaving.. no longer a concentrated effort, to coddle the baby thinkers trying to grow up to be stinkers.. attachments, with attached conditions, dirty diapers, smelling up the works until washed away or opened.. fermenting its host, with a full load waiting to be opened by the agassed changer, not knowing to what degree the stench has been unfolding…

fed up, and stopping the loading of thoughts, hopes and dreams to enter or be opened to other thoughts, and hanging on for endeared life.. sweeping out the head, and bed for thoughts to lie in, becomes a never-ending story of stopping the mounting of those trying to scale your walls to enter the kingdom.. send the archers, pour the boiling oil, whatever it takes to keep all outside you there.. maintaining your pearly gates, which none may enter, except by invitation.. none come before me, nor after to battle within, allowing warring factions no more.. only direct intentions need apply, all others turned away at their first inklings.. not suppressed, but let go bye, only acknowledged long enough to know you’ll pass on the giving, and taking-in of all not in your now.. allowing rise and fall, and noticing it, but not attaching nor inviting to come in to consideration, as only divine is worth the waiting… no more stories to fill your fancy, as how may one focus on just the higher, when consumed by inconsequential thinking… soap opera’s, to keep the mind busy, the thoughts come in waves, keep this key in-hand.. thinking now, if one must think at all, of tides coming and going, flowing in and out of your conceptual thinking.. discount details contained in uprisings, immune, now unaffected by what’s in the thought waves trying to crash your scene.. observe the flow, coming and going, and attachments demanding your attention.. notice, the rising, and falling, not what’s contained, to derail your momentum.. have the thoughts that keep you busy, helped you up the steps of understanding… your intuition will now tell you which are keepers, and worth the break-downs of tearing them apart.. any not of higher inception must be released from captivity…

In nature, only essential nutrients and ingredients grow plants and wildlife to their fullest potentiality.. all else is surviving the elements, and survival of the fittest.. so why take in, what may not be processed to help true growth and potential.. prejudice, only used to feed, serve and secure growth of an entity.. judgements are not for casting, but to ascertain what is best for surviving.. tribes judge others to get upper-hands and solidify beliefs, not natural, striving to survive and bloom except for expansion of the species.. and what is allowed to thrive in your head.. battling to survive the onslaught of thoughts appearing… one taking place of another, on and on they take their places, if allowed into the unguarded vessel.. before knowing it, a being consumed with thinking, and without knowing it, sinking feelings from the process.. growing to  bloom another day, or night, and wondering where the sinking feelings come from… binding you for another time..

out of nature, and out of our minds, we master our feelings and thoughts to their maturity, on purpose, or by default.. recalls lines, of you oughta be the star of your own show, not a bit player, sidelined, while the movie of your life plays out, without you.. but the main event, starring in your owned show… so why keep things from outside yourself, as they don’t belong to you… thoughts, ideas, opinions, dramas and the likelihoods played out upon your screening.. screening nothing, all is felt as a conglomeration, not knowing what the.. is up with the feelings coming out.. unobserving, you left them in there, tied to a wagon, ready to be teamed into blazing trails you never intended.. stop the madness, pull over for awhile and rest your weary head.. to keep driving these thought carts and silos is madness, only a question of time, before the crash…

naturally flowing waters, with stillness pooling downstream, awaits the containments’ vessel.. pooled in the still of waters filtered and purified upstream, by rages and falls of immense magnitude.. traveling long and winding distances, to end in a drop to dry and evaporate, starts the flow squeezed out again… taken, to fishing, the water runs through our nets, on purpose, to catch life and consume its bounty.. unrealized again, the enjoyment was in the wading, outdoor environment and the adventure in the making.. why not sit on the shore for awhile and enjoy the scenery, rather than trying catch more, as nature is calling, for your contentment in her environment, to equalize yours… what of the trees, rocks, and what else lies beneath the water.. and what of your body, senses and souls’ conditioning.. fishing is good for a trip, but what remains but a memory to keep re-living, refreshing desire and drive to go again.. and of these thoughts, to continue fishing, does not one discount the main ingredients, of mothers nature in which the fish is another player… just swimming, in its own reality, unaware of its nature and its conditions.. seems similar to the ones pulling them out of the water, locked in their conditions, unaware of the bigger picture, of the nature of a being…




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