Dreamers, gotta love em..

awakening, from the dream of fresh fruit and veggies encompassing all directions, looking, and sniffing their fragrances smelling up the place.. upon raising, seeing the smells as the eyes open from drifting off a conscious realm and into the lack thereof.. freshness crisps open hearts and minds eye to open doors of storage lockers for allowing the growing to continue.. produce your own thoughts and patterns of natures owners and thrive upon the harvesting of your life force.. growing and evolving your own assets, blooming from within, just awaiting the picking and choosing the ripening fruits of your laborer.. the cultivator gardens your soul and its conditioning, knowing when to plant, pull and weed the abyss, while you keep the light on its sowing and reaping…

awakened today, eternally now, the sun rays shining upon the shadow insider, the warrior fighting battles in the dark, now told to lay down his weapons and come into the light above, bringing without the shadows attached to survive the warmth that awaits, and binds it to kindness, against perceived threats to its vessel.. previous processing, unknowingly, causing more harm than good, arguing and tamping down questions and feelings of your sanity… forever battling, your inner world stays in turmoil, to some degree of warfare… whom is strategically fighting, and whom have gave the orders…

awoken from dreams and their drawstrings, we may project intentions, rather than allowing free access to your senses… fights and battles in heads and subconscious, levels the field to keep fighting.. yourself, and questioning authority, it grows up like its master.. fighting what isn’t tried and true, to out-dated entries from previous battles.. never surrendering, to evolve into the warrior within.. taking no prisoners, new information and changing feelings are kept at-bay.. stuck in a rut, of not allowing their feelings to be expressed.. in their place, unrealistic egos, with no intention of raising consciousness…

widely awake, taking in bigger pictures and perceiving other directions worth fighting for and against… towards shutting down the warring tribulations of befores.. boarding up the roller coasters of insides playing out.. spelling relief, for the entire kingdom to come into.. centering and balanced discourse before feelings are put away, no longer ignoring but discerning what is locked away, and placing keys where they belonged, in the heart…

a funeral and awake, from future generations of vengeful thoughts that cast and brand new ones to develop from previous generations of allowing them in the first place… no more free rides at our own expense, more cautious now about what’s allowed inside the mind.. of what’s growing and festering, and seeking to blame outside itself.. nothing to blame, except ego, and its fight to survive the onslaught of tearing it down…. just a simple being, seeing the flow and allowing it, bending but not breaking its course, to run through and take the trash out while you’re there… waters allowed to flow and penetrate every rock and crevice, growing seeds thrown in out of the way places… eroding the rocks and gifting gems washed downstream, to filter and collect, of waking to new dawns of awareness…


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