Used Vessels

Users, abusers, sistence of full disclosures.. spouts of hints, danglers of particulate matter.. see their envisaged, cast in their holograms of real love… your plays awaken truth.. playing few, to lead the many… pied pipers draw their formations to play their trip around the world.. unsuspecting children, Hamelin of befores… another drawing, more to harvest their beliefs, androids of facts, only input designated information, systems set-up already in-place.. mobiles operating systems.. linking frequencies of your intentions to awestruck ones.. picking up the ones, filling your bank, of nonprofit to its currency… souly its directors…

Sisters don’t follow rules of little ones.. plagiarisms reflected on the veils of men… these are not games you’ve seen before.. but your sight overtakes your soul.. while you keep aweing out.. neglected foundations, the first step towards belief, the taupas of Others… teen aged missed fits of rage, and innocence wound up through the veils of the mass… teens that slumber participated by the predators who are not within sight of the shadows cast…

Told you before, sisters of ferry, frolic and broken hearts conscious’ mind.. con science, matters of minds not energy for sharing, hold out one hand, hold another behind her back.. immaturity, at this time in your point… but a las.. all good these make ups of cover.. always better to be high, euphoric to complete the dream.. states of your intentions, painted onto our canvas… baffling how many times you have the beaten ones to play with you all within the game… playtime over, for players of times upon earth this time, of yours now making hours… not this One, not its time….

seven sisters keep returning for moor showings and appearances.. Not grounded in your lights, but in Divines’ glory.. yes, another you’ve cast away, downed.. its self fished from the lips of your incantations.. this tree roots out, to others of your befores.. holding tight to mothers nature, my chords root in no belief… return for your karma, remove your givings, change another’s landscape… bring them up, not me.. preference minding matter.. mind prefers matter.. minding spirit, matter a mere consequence… preference, your lesson unlearned.. unlearned of all, prefers don’t exist, except in the judgements of other energies.. such as yours, keeps coming around, to bind some down with news of events, only to find the events takes place inside.. truly twisted sisters, caught-up within their own labyrinth, and not knowing it.. preaching to “lower” beings to raise their sights.. good idea, if not steered towards you, anchors of befores, weighing your moors.. of a higher intelligence, it’s true, but Sirius ly flawed in their spiritual growth.. immature anglers, casting truths and not-so-much… feeding conspiracies to hook your following, keys to understandings… smokin’ mirrors, of a polar type to currents in mass consciousness, they’re still spinning, while thousands jump on their wagon.. squared wheels and bent axles hauling around spiritual juveniles.. they keep returning to the seen, to steal some more insight, and finding there’s only enough to keep going back to get into more trouble.. such as the sisters, a love and hate relationship with the humanity, their library, trying to put the training wheels back on, and make it its own…

Souly one of many, playing with our hearts and minds.. but these entities need to be taken behind the wood shed… putting bandaids on the afflicted, and ripping them off before sores are healed, they keep going on, and on, and on, and on… give the mass little bites and pieces, of predators causing misery in their life, and harming the planet.. pretenses to be on Mothers’ side, while cloaking daggers of your done-befores… I guess one may attempt to pull some nuggets, then move out of their grasp.. as for me, we pass on the misgivings, fed past full of conglomerated excretions with agenda’s.. planning ones’ own, no thanks for giving what you plan to receive later.. not comforted in your arms, only in divine feminine, merely a shadow to your highly advanced energy… so bring on the channeling, prophesy and good intentions.. passing on yours, we gain ours seeking higher direction, and understandings.. from a higher source, which you’ve dislodged along your ways… tell another story, make history again, using vessels to make ends meet, within your timelines.. so high up, you haven’t heard.. time is a construct, linear lines bind minds’ performance to gather larger doses of spiritual essence.. so why do you keep asserting them…

on my way, not yours, staying on-guard to unmask what goes in and comes out, the observer is the motion in the commotion, causing locomotion to will its way down spirits’ track.. not compassionate towards track makers and destroyers, of their own ancestral karmas.. love and light to all, and to all have a good flight…. in the seeking and practicing, and drawing in divine, we ascend to angelic mindset, no longer of it, but in it, seekers but watching and helping ascenders along the way, allowing divinity to make its way into hearts of all within mankind.. heavily flawed and conditioned, masculine mindset with some wondering whom is set within their mind, to stay on the ground level.. only those with no intention of leaving outside comforting, and banter, rather than from within… flowing through your veins, submerged to deeper depths, held-back by all of the ruckus going on inside the brain, pulses ebb and flow of your feelings, in the moment..

not using, nor being used is traveling a tough road, already in its conditions, and forever trying to pull you in.  which is okay, on your way by, not joining or feeling its banter and crying out for comfort.  simply bringing attention, that there is more work to do, standing for something, and casting out anything that doesn’t resonate your direction…

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