flying beauty..

Butterflies, testifying their wings, and flights to find out their constraints and limitations.. finding, the moor that they keep trying, the farther they grow.. looking back, from creeping and crawling towards flapping and flying.. entering new worlds in the processing, that it never envisioned before transforming.. now, wondering why it hadn’t risen earlier, to awaken to different planes of realities of understandings.. and that wings make it all possible… allowing bigger pictures to come into view, when learning to spread wings it never knew that it had, until physical transformation gave them the proof they needed, to fly high above and beyond simply consuming… now, readymade to pollinate the blooming, and multiply their openings.. nurturing and sharing their travels, and become a natural resource, and its beauty.. and the beauty, of the seeing…

Seeing what a being is, and what it may become, given half a chance to rise above the crowding thoughts and feelings attempting to gain our attention, intentions making a shift to catch such incoming crafts.. each being, a natural part of the everlasting all, transforming or staying where we’re being.. and affecting all with our vibrations, while we scurry about our own incantations.. words made spells, crafting default to dimmed wits, as the crafting builds its intensity to chase its own tail.. not knowing, the castors are crafting weights and measures, self-imposed, but blaming outside sources for discovering such truths that surround them..

Freed to creep, crawl or fly away from outside conditioning, remains in the wings, off-stage until in-charge of your owned production, wardrobe and put-ons.. then upstaged, when put on to enhance the scene and raise the level of a satisfactory performance to one of the epicenter of consciousness, heart willingly allows the nature of our lives to regenerate their course, and thrive in re-growths of their making sense and sensibility…

offspring bellow in their nesting places to get fed, brought out by hunger games to feed the frenzy, of little Ones trying to grow up the evolving natures they contain. When reaching maturity, they learn to fly and fend for themselves, knowing natured tendencies to continue the cycles of nature. Raised aware of its surroundings and conditions, to be and thrive, they go about their daily chores to improve their conditions.. naturally mixing the flying with building, all as one, working together to build a better future, but forever living now, as dusk involved, chores become the life, of beings such as we and they.. using wings for chores, and living, and not intentional flights of fancy, of just soaring… removing waters from impulses of consciousness, a being busy about the business, not the real work towards higher flights…

beings with wings, using them to grow into their highest potential or simply to survive as vessels. some with knowledge of wings, but not higher levels, some see none and stop trying. yet others, in stillness dwells as extending the flights and travels of becoming the flow, one of it, and in it, for the long haul of being the waters flowing through and into all, knowing it, or not.. to drink and remain intoxicatingly in the current cycle of unveiling.  not to partake on sides but of the course itself that instills the path of natural fulfillment… beauty, within the beholding of it, felt inside whenever seeing or observing its essence land in yours..

wings allowing wonder, fanciful flights into unknown horizons, when knot tied to expectations’ current.  path lit, from the current flowing through it, not slowed by branches and tributaries of thought patterns awaiting to encapsulate the splash that got your attention.  stay within the water, floating wherever it streams.  wonder, allowing wings to escape caged living, freed to evolve any current line of thinking.  wonder, spread your wings of sovereignty, and take off any limitations that keep down the lift, to rise above it all, just flying..

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