Changing Hues

In viewing a past-life regression session of another vessel, mine eyes could not bear what I was about to hear.. this loving soul was attached, in many ways, by many forms and complex, to unweave the spirit of the matter, as layered for years without regard to what was being taken into her temple.  harder yet, my main focus, how does divine spirit allow such monstrosities.  a being of light, and knowing it, this vessel remained consorted, with no higher assistance or angelic interference.  truth, is not to be held tightly, as it is only so right now, destined to modification as we grow higher..

The subject had four, or more walk-ins inhabitating her spaces, without the vessels’ knowledge..hmmm, as the mind coitus begins.. stop, not unwinding. going to your place, souly to observe the goings ons.  judgment days are over, cut to the chase, of these energies.  going to heart, of this spirituals’ sight.  how may multiple entities be hosted without invitation, ponder of now, sensing stored validity from a sincere vessel.  waves, frequencies and hues go through and all around, this is widely accepted.  this ties into 5G, and its soon to be released rollout.. focusing, why do these energies attach to this one, torturing her life with maladies, and how could the carrier not perceive it until entering lucid states.  symptoms, the key to which is drawn to play out upon this ones’ canvas.  accepting aches and pains, accepts their pathogens, and any free radicals hitched alongside.  side-effects of an entirely different kind.  not archonic, or such labeling, but others that have passed before, with pains of their own to bring and feed her depressions.  wonderers, wondering into her vessel.  she started it, keeping shadows fed, inviting resonators to the table to share what’s being spread within and around her space.  letting go, of feelings arising, from seeing her life and its hold-downs, as drifting towards anger towards the spirits hitchhiking.  attachments bring along more than we bargained for, as they are carriers also, opening deeper attachments to thrive upon one another and affecting us in their process, of which, we’ve opened the door and never asked them to leave..

not seeing the same thinking, wondering if I’m a carrier, or still a wondered.. I carry on to wonder some more. passed energies, knowing what they’re doing by entering, not knowing where to go and rest their weary soul. getting comfortable within the shell of a human, knowing they cause affliction, and choosing their comfort in staying where they are emotionally, now physically in the human. knowing, understanding, they darken anothers’ light, hard to comprehend, continuing along. continually crying out, and consciously making another hurt in the process, wtf… seems insane, masochistic, don’t stop for feelings, keep going.. lodgings in anothers abyss, they continue their gratifications that continually whip them to keep crying out further infections on the vessel. all the while, the carrier wallowing in it catches each’ intentions.. madness, from a difference view.. once spotted on the surface, they all willingly go to their resting places. then, when the surface dweller sees this scene play out, they thank and remove all chords, ties and binds of befores..classic..

freed from floating influenza, vessels still remain to deal with themselves. just getting started, thinking they once knew where they were going. now cleared, to clear their ownership of Self. dam, what a ride.. she didn’t even suspect that she was one, germ-ridden with other. resurrection of another kind, logged into another journals page. love and light to all consciousness within mines touch..

These spiritual psychological liars to selves is quite a thought to include. unaware of size and scope of the dilemma, drifters not moving past their bodies containment of their emotional, psychic connections and willingness to exist in their condition, despite no longer prisoners of bodies. not shown the light, removed from their bodily state instantaneously to remain in their mental state. wows of namaste, these layers gaining more traction now.

we arrive as we leave, in the now of emotional chaos, just as some left their family and friends, or haters, abusers and enemies. slightly tilted, in heart, conscious is above death, moving on or staying behind, to cast additional shadows on their resonance in-kind. staying where they were dropped off emotionally, deciding to stay there, in the warmth of another’s plagues. seems doula training should be done amongst us, bringing peace and love, as the story goes, before its closing in on us…

spirit, not nearly the same as one occupying the body, of no matter they contain into what draws them in.  A warm spot to continue the gnashing for help or other deviance.  accepting their fate, the body accepts its conditions, conditioned by many.  trouble unveiling ourselves, now clearing karmas of others.  a bit more than this one bargained for, finding the unknown draft dodgers amongst the livings’ quarters.  Always seen at a distance, never inviting within, the saga plays within me now, to open and unfold further understandings when it flows.  subtle bodies so subtle, a body may not acknowledge a foreign ones’ gifts and presence.  hard to know, having never remembering a being, there.  I know that transgressions occur routinely, at the veil between the coming and going of spirit travelers.  that even as we notice the transfers, they’re not observed within us.  but is not all, a reflection, draws the heart..

this one is going on a fishing expedition, to ascertain the spaces in-between the coming and going, of beings like me, finding that much more understanding is a requisite to understanding incoming onslaughts…

2 thoughts on “Changing Hues

  1. Writing artistry… evoking emotion… feeling the words… like a spell… not meant for conversation… just space for a comment… someone once said talk is cheap. Or sometimes words cant fully express… Like now. Oh but to share this no-thing feeling. Have fun fishing!!


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