Higher Consciousness

Higher Beings, come along our natural cycle of life, noting flaws in the conditioning of human beings. tapping into our spiritual incarnations, with spirit of their owned, modifying our structured conditions and infecting dna carnage. cycling in and out, just as we, but with keys they forged to assimilate legions in humans’ bodies, armed with memories they’re taught to be born with on earth. but only one quality, remember this, as a key to open you’re seeing them.. and all they contain, with attitude.. some say despising souls…

life isn’t fair, nor is death… only a select few of us, may retain remembrances of befores as we come in… most learn by hard knocks.. but the mixing and blending of incarnations takes place on the surface.. the mass.. so more remember, those not attached to the consciousness of those beings from different worlds and dimensions.. astral becomes more difficult, to observe their differences.. they’ve been traveling for years before this Age….

of no real concern, this One is simply into the knowing… Ones of these, to which mine conscious is drawn. not to follow but to observe all consciousness, as this draw is not of resonance to mines.. better served, to draw attention elsewhere, as the dark Ones rule our abyss if allowed to enter.. same as et’s, figuring ways around souls’ accepting and a humans greedy natured.. better to do the work… ready all subtle bodies, to ready their soul, for fights on all levels.. ready, not anxious.. sovereign feels the weighting.. vessels feel the waiting, and wanting… sovereign does not remain caged for long, from its body, or outer bodies containing its transformation.. manipulators must be confronted, in all realms that put a lid on the spark within.. sensing life forcing through bodies that don’t deserve source.. no judgement, moving on.. to stand your ground, as you raise vibrations.. other energies become noticeable when raising your subtles, as you’ll soon discover. some on different angles, don’t change your observer.. be, there, where and when you are, sovereign Spark not tolerant of abuse.. been there, done that.. no slaves, no masters.. cept Selves mastery.. do the work, removing time from traveling with you.. it’s simply a sign post, not containment…

a lot of darkness, running around.. some not knowing, some getting deeper intolerant of beings lighting up. be on your guard, as you enter as the children.. wondering natured to knowing, beyond controlling other behaviors outside self.. stay sovereign, halting anything infringing your orbit. removing and releasing the leaching as we go, learns the intellect that we are powerful, spiritual beings.. contained in vessels or perceptions, that weigh down lite bodies.. and contain them to think they are physical attractions… who are you.. attractions, reaction and judgements from the body of ego.. or the lite being, egotistical container, journeyed, or the observer, working to enlighten their carrier….

incarnations meant to even the playing field and raise each being to higher dimensions, now hijacked by other worlds and dark ones raising their energies with goals to hijack the system… black magi’s in subtle vibrations, mixing a concoction to halt progressions of the raising, and remembering of the mass.. One wonders if they’ll ever leave light intensify, as Source comforts such thought as light sheds darkness as they become clouds on our horizon.. stay in the flow, of a being, knowing its spark, and going within to expand its growing light.. be in, your inner expansion, wiping shadows from your conditions, bringing truth to surface within all…

not to be held down by polarizing forces who have no intentions to raise theirs.. this is not our work, to raise them, but Selves.. they are pendulums, swinging back and forth, suppressing light and raising their bodies to control the narrative… the et’s are working to raise them, sensing their consciousness in silos of flows, from their lightworkers..

Another night and day in the life, just observing til understanding manifests its truth.. lighting shadows and dark places, finding out not so dark, energies, if no prejudge tags along your ride. so many thought and consciousness forms, heading in what appears hap-hazard directions.. many paths and agendas, cris-crossing vibes of intentions floating around.. mixed with higher, and lower subtle bodies, now planets effects come into mix, with ours and Hers.. visions see similar to Elementals, numerous, micro bodies floating in and around our bodies.. made heavens and hells by selves and hitchhikers of all types and forms.. if permitted to wallow in their fathoms.. having owns’ abyss to work upon, we continue just observing, of what may come upon us all… testing fortitudes and bodily functions, as reality unfolds grander than any Essenes before… love and light carries the torch of the omnipresent Spark, always seeking to expand.. above and below the ins and outs of places that our thoughts and hearts care to go…

2 thoughts on “Higher Consciousness

  1. Tre… Your mind fascinates! Please continue to write and share the depth of your insight… In high school my friends and I called it brain food but I rather enjoy getting older and wiser… Reading your work makes me feel like a child again! Lol I’m confident tho that one day I will grow into such deeper gnosis… Or at least have fun trying!


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