this too, shall pass..

looking around, sleepy eyes awaken to the darkened clouds allowed to drift by our awareness.  darkening clouds, suppressing their natures from raining down upon the lands.  with clouds that look like rain, but with no rain in sight, depresses our feelings towards who’s playing with nature, and us, from receiving life-giving moisture to nurture and grow.. sending transmissions to manipulate the storms, and where they’re sent to deluge.. little Ones, with armed toys to change conditions and attitudes, not to clear the air, but to cloud further understandings, hopes, dreams and realities..

citizen fallout not a concern, thinking all done in nationalists’ best interests, they keep spinning the yarns into the skies, communicating their desire to mask truth.  who’s to say what is natural, once manipulated and controlled to do their bidding. clouds not relinquishing the moisture they appear to contain within their darkened mass, alerts one of falsehoods drifting around.. clouds and minds interjected with dark shadows to mask true intentions. working in plain sighted, within the breezes winding around the planet, shadow waves breaking down the skies to transmissions of theirs…

used clouds, by some men’s designs, typical, of their unkind. to perform as substations to their webbed network of lies.. re-laying lines void of cables and wires, full of waves, frequencies, and intentions.  transmuting the gatherings of absorbing moisture to gathering information, and communicate through the clouds, dispersing with prejudice, judgements against all not on-board the dominatrix controlling the currents and flows of information to integrate the war machine with weather technology to keep them in-control.

wizards, warlords and warlocks busy bout their spells and castings, brewing newspapers to come to illogical conclusions, based on their owned opinions. casting opinions upon the thoughts of our worldview, and understandings, making new constructs within mindset, with breaking news. keeping and maintaining thoughts going in and out of your mind, unless you check sources and the rest of the story. why the angles, unless propagating agendas, and knowing truth is in the eyes of your beholder, this years’ figurines for all to get behind, your opinions made manifest by words from talking heads.. and replacing them, whenever rebuttals cause blow-back knocking on the door of what news has been constructed inside..

meanwhile, files from ancestral flows become evident of the stench all about these constructs, backing up the flow from reaching its destination, rooted and wrapping around our hearts. nothing of outside to grow within here, not any more…the gardeners now diligently tend their inner growings, discarding refuse espoused by salespeople, wasting ourselves in the psyops. everyone has a perspective fighting for attention, seeking to inflate the egotistical other half, then reeling them in for the rides of their lives.. until observed, perceived or noticed where your attention is spending its time, now rooting in viewers’ subconscious ranting.

passing, from this station, your transmission,  just seeing noise and moving out of its drawings. opinions and views as isolated thunderstorms on our horizon, contemplating whether to thunder down a drenching, or just barking at its moon. we hear the rumblings and feel the drop or rise in temperature as opinions, perspectives slowly pass by our skies, over our heads in more ways than one.. such as the life, of one caring to observe.  a being of good cheer, no attachments to diminish the clearing…

their follies, just annoyances, except to precious little souls, within our arms and securements.  frequency waves going through walls, touch our little Ones.. innocence always pays the sacrifice, of technologically based artificially induced broadcasts, promoting speed and delivering compromise.. fine print, never disclosed.. just keep neutralizing with lite music, sound waves at minute volumes, and chimes to displace the comings ins.. keep em’ safe, in the oncoming deluge of air waves bouncing around our beloved ones.. bodies will build tolerance, as they grow, intentionally willing waves to go around..

sinking feelings, but not attaching, bubbles out of mine a sense that enemies of state will not fair so well.  heartfelt intentions out, to raise the vibe, sending out to any accepting or praying out for comfort from any effects. answers back, sit in your place, breathe, chant, mantra neutralization into your airs in and out, helping Elemental warriors, to clear the air and skies. it is written, upon your heart, so allow it be done, upon hearts’ carrier.. not allowing further thought except gratitude, answers to prayer.. making way for its heir-apparent, protection, from outside annoyances.. such as these, not of we, must leave. we do not submit nor accept, sovereign refuses your reflection. it is done, it never was, nor shall ever be, as emissions jettison and disperse where not permitted or allowed without a pass from your higher stance.

as waves and frequencies penetrate around our vessels, we begin to see its affects.  not accepting, but discounting frequencies that don’t meet or resonate, they must go around awakened souls. unaffected by its conditioning, and not fighting or repelling, but allowing waves to miss these marks.  we live and travel through the onslaught of technological frequencies.  beings, not of it, but in it.  not of man-made transmissions in the air or in your ear. seems we’re in for a fight, if a cause must be named, as raising higher is Being meant to keep a lid on us…

Expansively enlightening our path as we plow it, inner Beings spark the light that continues to brighten up the perspectives that surrounds us. always seeking to warm the inner glow, and make it grow, from sparks to enflamed, observing of the totality.. done labeling, instead into an all-inclusive rainbow of All. not just ones’ world, or mass’ perspective, universe nor rules we may be accustomed to having. larger still, changing perspective to meet larger pictures coming our way. we must be important, for so many to fight for our intentions… all dimensions, all with differing energies and understandings, begins to mix and mingle with precise strokes of consciousness from below the surface of higher dimensions of understandings. lower awakened Beings, waking their way up, warms the heart and keep the light on, forever upon the divine we are becoming…

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