To Breathe, or Not

as the full moon approaches, we start to sense her orbit nearing closer to ours.  not seeing, but acknowledging the tugging and pulling of subtle bodies.  feeling, as someone watching you from afar, but you don’t see them.  just knowing within, that another energy is in your field of perception, without eyes to see it.. oscillating closer and nearer, frequencies wave reflections’ arrival onto our scene, advertising its coming. inhalations of Her exaltations breathing in this now, waves of synergy touches my receptors in a way in which makes clear the transmissions of a heavenly bodys’ kindness to allow perception.. allowing it within the bowels of the cauldron with each breath in now, stirs to new brewing exchanging air, fire, water and this earthly vessel, lifting spirit in the processing…

every now, every moment you may consider.. even now, reconsider your breathing and what it’s doing without you.  coming, and going without leaving you.  where does it go, rest, and brush against, and for how long..  intending the quest now, every conscious thought, that we catch, goes back to the breath.  looking out a window, taking breaths, driving cars as we take breaths along our ways, or hangin out on utube and breathing it all in, monitoring the breathing…

getting harder these days, with trace elements hindering the elementals from their tasks of keeping Her engine going. waves of a mans unkind, clouding the moons light from awakening the souls within humans kind.. more difficult to see and feel its impressions, based upon what’s been cast upon Her attempts towards reflection. trivial delays, deems the Elementals amidst theirs, just depends on the duration of these plaques, brought upon skies, of eyes that recognize them. and relaying to all perceiving, to enhance focus upon it’s givings, see and feel it’s grasp, helping you along your orbital paths…

put on some tunes that strike chords within, then breathe in the notes when you resign to their chorus.  not to the song playing, but the notes themselves.  the way in which they make you feel, what you feel, and for how long.  you manage these feelings, striking chords within, to express what’s been going-on inside without your acknowledgement, and growing… continue to grow in the flow of recognizing without attachment.  practice what your body is teaching, the ins and outs of the physical awareness.  it stays, goes, comes and leaves again, not to be controlled by the unaware mass it’s building up.  but when your song comes on, does not the feelings come back with a vengeance.. and whom controlled that outburst from your past, and just whom is in control… paying intention, draws deposits into your savings depository, that you may withdrawl at your leisure.  paved intentions, commercials, and soap operas that pull you in to take a side, and judgements that gain weight are weighing our courses and changing paths.  thoughts and feelings shoved down below,  never intending to deal with them, come back up to rock your world.. whoas me, why do unwanted things always cold-cock those they’re closest unto.. hiding, in plain sight, waiting to fuel their fires and keep them burning, it appears doors were left open in your past.  now they fly open and let out their contents at a minor hint to your feelings.  wars going on within and without, fighting our Selves and blaming all outside ourselves for our conditions…

take a deep breath, with your will to make you better.  releasing as you let go, tainted breaths and their attachments.  Beings, in the world.. not of it, but in it.  let this world come and go, as you are your own natural machine.  taking in what raises you, and keeping those feelings close, to be summoned at a moments’ noticing.  resonance, of a higher vibe is the goal, only feelings of these to stay and go.  released of all other conditionings beneath us, what are we breathing in and out, but our own conditioning of our inner works… maintaining our own gravitational field, to allow in spiritual growth and weed the ones that stunt higher understandings.  receive and transmit your own station of vibrations and waves, cutting commercials and manipulating sources.  isn’t it best, that we all owned our own stations in life… transmit and receive, allow in and out intentionally, as default mode is for artificial intelligence…not lives of a Being.


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