manufactured rainbows

Rainbows in clouds and skies upon the canvas of our eyes, shining through our lens perceives visions of shadows playing on light.  beauty, and beasts mixing their particular matters through battles for supremacy of our skies and shadow work.  awakened, observing the shows and noticing the fallout of little Ones fighting little wars, to keep or overthrow governing bodies that drift through our beings flow…to seize control of natural, minds, perceptions and Elementals.  changing views, directions and perspectives of the hopes and dreams of the sleeping mass lying within their constructed beds..

Sleeping with the enemy, and not caring to awaken, having strayed from their original intentions by views, and into a matrix of creations.  desiring more, to stay rather than go, from a path they are led and fed to grow within its confines.  a path that keeps digging deeper into physical matters, payed for their toils with lower vibrations and attractions.  always another show, craving or energy to keep the insides stirring, while complacency dulls the senses from knowing what’s been occurring.  at what point, do some deny love, of selves and others, and accept their conditionings…it’s all been going on for eons..

Rubbed eyes open wide and awaken unto things Ones’ been missing, when minds close to wonder, and Spark stops trying to bust free of all constraints… new daze, or days, cells grow and frolic their beings to be reborn each new mourning.  asking only the following of your heart, to watch your sun rise, or fall into darkness when the inner light is turned off the risings.  expanding light cannot be contained, except by its source.  routinely caught in outside conditions, content in self-containment, then allowing energies of all types and afflictions to rule ours… storms cloud previously clear skies, but do they stop the sun from shining, or temporarily darken sunny skies.. location, location, location.. perceptions where you stand determine your shining, rising and falling.  Spark is eternally lit, only matter gets in its way, of shining through its carriers…🙏

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